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Happy Manga Monday everyone!

Today I don't have any super exciting new manga to recommend to you all, but as always, I'm open to hearign your suggestions! For now, though, I thought it would be cool to get a sense of what everyone is reading and what chapters they're on.
Here are a couple of the manga I'm keeping up with, and the latest chapters I've read for them all. I encourage everyone to make MM cards about the mangas you're currently reading!

Akame Ga Kill Chapter 69

We finally get to see the action of the War really kick off. Akame and Leone are making their way to the throne room in the palace, and Tatsumi finally begins to face Esdeath in one on one combat. The end is approaching, but what will it be like?

Fairy Tail: Chapter 479

Thing are advancing ever forward with the invading Alvarez army and Zeref.. Lucy gets time to shine in this chapter, as she springs into action to save the guild. The Spriggan 12 are diminishing and we have yet to see Acnologia again since he dispatched one himself.

Boku No Hero Academia: Chapter 84

Kirishima or Iida? Rescure Bakugou, or wait for the adults to determine the course of action? Deku, you really need to start figuring out how not to break every bone in your body. We even get a bonus of Tsuyu's family events in this one.

These are a few of the manga I'm reading and the updates that I'm on!

What are yours?

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@iixel agreed. it's a great source for lots of fiction
2 years ago·Reply
Ive got a couple Manga's that yall might want to checkout; Tales of Gods and Demons Darwins Game Kiss X Death Kingdom Game They're all action based Manga's and I love looking forward to their updates!
2 years ago·Reply
I'm reading Judge, and magical girl apocalypse right now.
2 years ago·Reply
@MikeyJBenedict Is Judge good? I've been wanting to add Judge and Doubt to my list
2 years ago·Reply
@iixel Yeah, it's pretty amazing!
2 years ago·Reply