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the earth ... that struggles to die. (dying light)

this is just means to an experiment. an experiment to bring about something .... .. that something is food. that something is making food a different way yet taste good... but yet that doesn't explain the whole picture. the whole picture to emulate, imitate dead earth or an earth close to its impending doom. we are what we eat. unfortunately we take in much bad and leave out the good to rot... be wasted ... and here no more ... food now belonging to the bacteria the many fungi to consume and break down plant / meat / fruit/ composition to only a biological waste that cannot be consumed further yet no more.
@ChefSaud oh... okay
@arshada it won't die .... we keep these in our memories. it lives on
when will this die....???
Thats very deep! I like it the imagery you used to represent the earth. Awesome
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