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People never seem to be able to talk about Kelly Rowland without bringing up Beyonce's name, until now. Everyone's favorite Destiny's Child member [on the low] is about to take the world of beauty by storm. Women of color get ready because this beauty is about to launch an amazing makeup collection that you'll want to grab ahold of as soon as possible.
While the world of beauty is slowly, but surely making room for those with a little more melanin -- Kelly decided she would jump on board and cater to all the chocolate ladies out there. She stated in an interview Essence: 'Definitely making sure we have our chocolate girls covered. Gotta get the chocolate girls in there! We have to have that, you know.' Working alongside makeup artist Sheika Daley, she admits that her source of inspiration came from Iman. While there is no word on when this makeup collection is said to launch, make sure you keep an eye out. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the summertime.
I have to say I stopped associating Kelly with Beyonce a long time ago. When her song Motivation came out O was just like "Damn, you go girl!" I hope her make up line is a success!
She is absolutely gorgeous! don't bite my head off, but I always loved her more than Beyonce. and yes, I've seen Iman on HSN a time or two haha I'm a QVC & HSN head @marshalledgar
YES! so excited for Kelly's line. even if she doesnt have foundation in my complexion I will still invest for sure @EasternShell
Kelly is STUNNING! She looks so effortless and chic! Perfect skin quality. I have to say, Iman drives me nuts on HSN! I just want to reach through the TV and shake her so she gets to her point. hahaha
I love her!!!! She is amazing and I am 100% sure her makeup line will flourish @iixel
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