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Adult coloring books are totally a thing now, and I know for some it's worked wonders for de-stressing and relaxing. But what about helping you through relationship struggles?
Well, the books "Have a Nice Life Asshole: Breakup Stress Reliever Adult Coloring Book" and "Dead Shark" are pretty much perfect for getting through your breakup, by coloring out your frustration!
What you will be drawing? Well here is just a taste of of what's inside the books:

Dead Shark focuses on breakup scenes from famous movies, so you can draw out characters and feel their pain too.

Have a Nice Life Asshole focuses on insults directed at your ex. You knew they were a prick!

And my personal favorite from each book.

Both Coloring books are less than $10, so it seems like a cheap way to take out that stress. You can color as angry and hard as you want.

Would you buy these to get over an ex?

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YES! Hopefully I won't be needing one, but knowing this exists is awesome :D
Someday you will be able to do is show your grandchildren :)
Hahahah @MarkoKaRiambo show them how you used to color for therapy and they can too :) so sweet
These are hilarious. I would totally buy these for a friend who had just gone through a breakup – then drink wine and color together while bashing their ex >:)
@AlloBaber haha that would be a great scene for a tv show!