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Thanos and Darkseid are virtually Twins from different Comic universes
They both want to rule the world and kill the defenders of earth (The Justice Leauge & The Avengers)
Thanos does not have the infinity Gauntlet by the way
Let me know what you think in the comments below
haha no lie when I was a really little kid I couldn't tell them apart (please don't kill me @LAVONYORK lol)
@shannonl5 I thought Darkseid and Apocalypse was the same person back when Superman the Animated Series was on lol
Darkseid Omega Beams can't even touch Glaticus, which is besides strength is what Darkseid has going for him. I put Thanos right there with Glaticus. Glaticus was train Titan and can absorb any kind of cosmic energy efficiency. Therefore Darkseid's greatest power would be taken.. With out a problem. DC Vets Marvel Vets jump on in @JimTurpen @MichaelOgg  @SamTheMallow  @BeannachtOraibh  @JoshuaGraston  @Kirooken  @shannonl5 @jak91 @trin1991 @jonathanbellamy @sammsosa @lostpastaproxy @elijah101 @XxChato03 @peahyr @KaitlinUlrich @LigerP @CarissaLeal @Kazukisolanon @KristianHampton @DustinAtkinson @txSuspect214 @MotherEffinPoe @redapple615 @shogu12s @DLowLewis @nobankai @S92pk @IsaacAmbrose @TambryInskeep    @Namrow @brandongromala  @Fallout14 @SamTheMallow   @MelvinManning @Calanator @twistedreaper6 @MichaelOgg @Kirooken   @kenjutsu101 @electica @SterlingH89 @Jak91 @kuzuri96 @MichelleHolly   @Bakuman247 @buddyesd @lostpastaproxy @sammsosa @amobigbang @shannonl5 @butterflyblu  @nobankai @kuzuri96 @MoisEsGaray @gatorchick96 @davidpap  @BelleofRay  @MichaelOgg @amobigbang @ShinigamiSan  @buddyesd @otakukpopgirl  @arnelli @Krystalstar22 @gatorchick96  @kneelb4zod @S92pk @MoisEsGaray   @InPlainSight  @kuzuri96 @CreeTheOtaku   @Silver925   @Danse  @CalebOrr   @BelleofRay  @easternshell @SamTheMallow  @MichelleHolly @Kirooken  @Luci546  @LadyLuna  @redapple615 @DustinAtkinson @Boggleman  @AshelyJewell @NickDiaz  @JimTurpen @Danse @BeannachtOraibh  @ComicGeek94   @MajahnNelson  @DavidPap   @ALEXCAMACHO @MelissaGarza @peahyr @culversyanne @redapple615 @BelleofRay @CreeTheOtaku  
Buddyman beat en both like the little punk a&& they are 😼😼😼 bit i gotta go with thanos because all I ever see darkseid do is stand there
I seriously believe Darkseid would won. Thanos while strong and powerful without the gauntlet really can't compare to Darkseid. It would be an epic battle tho. Thanos began to rely to heavily on that gauntlet so he's not as strong as he was before he got it. Go Darkseid!
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