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Let's be honest in the mix of the moment , we all hate orochimaru after everything but in all fairness in the ninja war going orochimaru is helping out due to sasuke. I did hate him but I'm not sure anymore...orochimaru even has a kid now who is becoming a ninja in the hidden leaf, I honestly kind of like his character now due to him helping out on the war which even includes him helping bring the hokage back! What do you guys think of him now?

I just think he's kinda hot
I liked him because he's never changed. his whole thing has always been to live forever, get immortality by switching bodies. He wanted sasuke to be a body but couldn't overpower him. whether he's helping or not, it's all ultimately to serve his own purposes
i always liked orochimaru tbh
to be honest I've always liked him
I hate how he used to he but he turned out alright in the end
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