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Big Bang Mash Up
I found this on tumblr and honestly. loved the out come
I live in a house in the Bahamas with my 5 children why marry to G Dragon and driving a Ford truck...I like if you want to play too here you go...

Place you Call Home

Where You Live

Your Husband

How Many Children

Your Means of Transportation

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@KDSnKJH @katyng52 I'm innocent bystander so no blaming me xD
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waaaaae... why I almost never got my man...馃檲馃檲 I even did it twice... 馃槩馃槩
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@katyng52 Lol. I got DS 3x then GD once!!
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I played this and I'm going to use it to write a story for my stepsister seeing as how I got her bias as my husband o.O don't want to start a family war.....
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@KDSnKJH aisssh... though, both of mine were DS... haha phew.. all I want is 馃悏馃悏
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