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Backstage at the end of the concert, Juno claps his brother on the back. “Another great performance dongsaeng. But what was with throwing ‘Love Breath’ in there? You gave everyone a heart attack. I seriously saw your manager start in convulsions."
Junsu just looks at him. “Don’t start hyung, it’s been a shitty couple of days.”
“Oh? Well you couldn’t tell by your performance, always a show man.”
“I mean it Juno, back off.”
Juno comes forward and stares down into his eyes. He can see the misery and self disappointment. “You either did something or didn’t do something, was it both?”
Junsu collapses into a chair in the dressing room. He’d already shooed everyone else out and sent them home. Juno studies him in the mirror, “Get changed, we’ll go get a drink.”
They pull up to Junsu’s hotel and he looks over at his brother, “Really? I thought we’d go to your place. I’m not getting drunk at a local bar.”
“Who said I wanted your drunk ass passed out on my couch? I figure this way, I can just tuck you into bed and call a driver for myself. Come on, let’s go raid your mini-bar.”
Once upstairs and comfortable, the brothers break out the bottles from the mini-bar and divide them evenly.
“Alright, you need to have told me all your troubles by the third bottle or you’ll be wasted and this will have been useless.”
“I am useless,” Junsu says as he downs the first bottle in one gulp.
“Wow, worse than I thought,” he reaches over and removes all the bottles from in front of Junsu.
“Speak. If you’re going to drink like that I won’t get three sentences out of you.”
He throws himself backwards on the bed, worrying his forehead with his hand. “I failed her.”
“Failed who?”
“{YN}. I was supposed to be protecting her remember?” he laughs derogatorily at himself. “I goofed up, and she almost died because of it. Now I don’t know where she is or if she’s even alright.”
“You talking about ‘cutie’? That lady you were staying with at your penthouse? Maybe you’d better start at the beginning. Just what could you have done that she could have died by?” He was sitting forward in the chair now, hands resting on his knees and giving Junsu his full attention.
“I told you why we were sharing the penthouse. You told me to get my act together remember?”
“Vividly. I also remember telling you I’d take her off your hands. Do I need to kick your ass? What happened?”
“The next venue messed up the tour, I got distracted; may have been a little less pleasant than I should have been.”
“That doesn’t sound fatal. Annoying yes; fatal no.”
“I sent her flowers to apologize,” he laughs harshly. “I thought I was apologizing. Turns out the florist misheard me and wrote down that I view her as one of my regrets.”
Juno whistles, “Wow, harsh. Still not fatal or is she suicidal?”
“No. No! She stayed at work unprotected and her stalker found her. It all happend yesterday but Joon-woo just called and told me. An hour before the show started!” He angrily gets up and starts pacing around the room, “I failed her. She was supposed to be under my protection and she faced that crazy alone.”
Juno watches him pace back and forth, not saying a word.
“According to Joon-woo she put up a hell of fight and won, thank God. She was then admitted to the hospital in shock.” He stops in front of Juno, “She was lying in a hospital bed while I was waiting around for her at the penthouse.” He drops to the floor, “Give me a bottle, you’ve heard it all now.”
Juno goes to hand him a bottle, but pulls it back right before he can take it. “I don’t think so. Now tell me why this bothers you so much. What were you trying to tell her in that card?”
He throws his head back against the bed, “That she’s the one thing I don’t regret.”
“The song you threw in tonight? For her?”
He nods and his head falls down to his chest; a small sound comes from him. “I don’t know how to fix this; I don’t even know where she is.”
Juno leaves an hour later after he’s watched his little brother down two more mini bottles and he tucked him into bed. As he walks into his house; he turns down the hall and heads to the guest room. He opens the door and finds you fast asleep. He walks over and opens the drapes, letting the moonlight allow him sight. He walks over and sits by the edge of the bed.
“What a brave little kitten you turned out to be.” He moves the bed cover to examine your arms again. Placing it back, he reaches over and tucks your hair behind your ear.
You shift at his action and you mumble in your sleep; “Junsu”.
Yes I was correct it was Juno 😆 or maybe it isn't such a good thing
Please tag for future posts. been reading since the beginning I am really enjoying this!
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