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Min Yoongi paced the small study anxiously, his mind buzzing with every worry under the sun. Coming into the study was never beneficial for Yoongi, not when it only reminded him of his father and the duty he owed to him. Yoongis father was a harsh and cold man who cared about nothing more than being powerful and rich which was probably why the last words he spoke to Yoongi werent heartfelt and deep and redeeming him in a way at the last minute. No, instead of telling his son he loved him or to stay strong without him, his father told Yoongi to make sure that the Min name lives on; that he protect their own name and their family and organization or else Yoongi would forever be a disgrace and a disappointment to him. Yoongi was, if anything, relieved when he found out his father had passed away only because he thought he would finally have some freedom to himself. Of course, he couldnt have been more wrong because, even if he may have hated his fathers attitude, he knew his father was right and the organization was all Yoongi knew. Yoongi had to keep it protected and had to make sure that he didnt disappoint his father or even himself. Now, though? Now, Yoongi was anything but relieved because with his father out of the way, other organizations were looking to Yoongis, planning to sweep in and take hold of what was left of the crumbling empire. Yoongi was determined to not let that happen. He was going to protect the organization from any other person who wanted in. If only he had someone like Keres to be working with him then no one would ever dare try to challenge him. However, trying to find Keres was proving to be a rather difficult task but it didnt mean Yoongi didnt still have some of his men out searching for the mysterious legend. Were doing everything we can, Namjoon said, bringing Yoongi back down to reality. His head snapped up and he looked over at the big oak desk in the room which Namjoon was casually leaning against with his arms crossed over his chest. Namjoon was a tall man with stringy bleach blonde hair and had always been known for his vast knowledge. He had always been a favourite of Yoongis father and was his fathers most cherished member of the team. Namjoon was his adviser, was his intel, and now Yoongis underboss. Clearly were not trying hard enough, Yoongi hummed. Yoongi was surprised by how harsh his voice sounded. He had always been a reserved person but, with his father gone, he could even sense his own personality changing. If we were working with Keres, no one would come bother us, Yoongi carried on. We need to find him. Well, do you have any other ideas? Its like the man fell off the face of the earth, Namjoon said. Yoongi frowned, his stare hardening as he looked at Namjoon. Talking about the elusive man gave Yoongi a headache and all he knew was that he needed to find Keres now. Yoongi sighed, dropping the subject of Keres for the moment when a rapid knocking sounded on the door. Yoongis eyes flickered to the door and he grunted, gesturing for Namjoon to speak up and inform the visitor that he could come in. The door swung open to reveal the orange haired man and Yoongi perked up at the sight of him. Did you do it? he asked. Jimin nodded. I got her. Shes waiting for you. Yoongi and Namjoon straightened up, pushing themselves to their feet. Keres could wait for now Yoongi had another job to accomplish first. And, maybe, Keres could wait a little longer because if people knew Yoongi was out searching for aid, it would only just prove to them that Yoongi was a helpless leader and he needed to prove that he wasnt.
When you woke up, it took you a few moments to gather your surroundings and shake off the haze of the drug that still lingered in your body. You tried to remember what happened, thinking back to meeting up with Jimin at the club and then him knocking you out. You groaned, throwing your head back, because how stupid could you have been to actually believe, for one moment, that someone may have actually liked you for you? You and Jimin may not have been anything serious but you at least hoped that maybe what you had was somehow real and authentic. And, yet, it had all been a lie so Jimin could do what? Kidnap you for whoever he worked for? You moved your hand to clutch at your pounding head only to find that your wrists were bound behind your back. You shook yourself from your daze, noticing that you were sitting in a chair and tied to it in a dark and dingy room. You tried wiggling your wrists around to see if you could loosen the rope or easily slide out of them but it only made you wince as the rough material dug into your skin. You didnt know how long you had been knocked out for or how long you had been sitting there before you noticed that you werent alone. A hand fell onto your shoulder, brushing your hair away from your neck. Theres no use, babe, Jimin said, stepping around you to stand in front of you. Dont fight it. You noticed another man following along behind him with mint green hair and pale skin. He was perhaps a few years older than you but there was something that lingered on his face and in his eyes that made him look even older and tired. You tore your gaze from the unfamiliar man and looked at Jimin, your eyes narrowing into a glare. Fuck off, You snarled. Youre a liar. The other man glanced at Jimin, both of their faces expressionless. Leave her, The other man said. Jimins eyes flickered behind at the man and then back down at you and he reluctantly slipped away from you, joining the man by his side. Your gaze fell upon him, your jaw clenching. And who are you? You asked. The man smirked, taking a step toward you. Of course how silly of me, he said. Let me introduce myself. Im Min Yoongi. Min Yoongi. You gapped as you looked up at him, at the man everyone was after now, and then looked at Jimin, fleetingly. Your own father had been looking for Yoongi all this time, too, and you had a way to him all this time because of Jimin. Youre Min Yoongi? You asked in disbelief. You looked him up and down once and snorted. He was thin and frail and nothing as you imagined him to be. Are you sure youre fit to take over your fathers organization and be a leader? Yoongi tensed and you knew you had struck a nerve. In the next moment, he swooped down toward you, his hand wrapping tightly around your neck and making you gasp. Jimin jumped, his eyes widening as he moved toward you only to stop himself quickly. Yoongi positioned your head so that you were staring up at him and you tried to keep your eyes locked with his even if you were suddenly gasping for hair. Your hands twitched behind you, desperately wanting to break free from their restraints to claw his hand away. You didnt know what Yoongi would do next or what he had in store for you but as soon as your eyes locked with his, something seemed to change. His hardened gaze softened as he peered at you intently and your pain stricken face and then he was dropping his hand from your neck, his sudden burst of anger vanishing. You slumped back against the chair, gasping for air and your neck aching from where he had grabbed you. Listen, doll, Yoongi said, we dont want to hurt you or your pretty face. We just want you to do what we say. You rolled your eyes and despite already knowing the reaction you received from Yoongi when you let a sly comment slip from your mouth, you couldnt help but speak up again. Bullshit, You said. This business is a game of cards and I call your bluff. The smirk was quick to form on Yoongis face again and he chuckled. Shes feisty, he hummed. I can see why you like her. He was talking to Jimin but the orange haired boy didnt realize at first since his gaze was fixated on you. Yoongi started walking away, calling out for Jimin to follow him. Well come back when youve had some time to settle down, Yoongi said. If you havent, then, by all means, we can leave you down here to rot. Jimin lingered behind, still looking at you, and you frowned. You turned to look away, hating Jimin for using you, hating Yoongi for not just getting whatever he wanted to do with you over with, and hating yourself for not telling IU or Jin where you had ran off to.
You couldnt recall how long you had been sitting in the room for. You tried counting down the minutes but you lost track around thirty minutes before you started trying to figure out how to escape. Your eyes scanned the room, searching for any way out or some way to free yourself from your binds. Your eyes first fell upon the door on the complete opposite side of the room that you were on. There were a few boxes and crates piled up on one another and an old and decaying desk pushed up on one side of the room. There were only papers scattered across it, empty folders, cigarette butts, and a pencil, but there were drawers. You braced yourself before jerking your body up and backward, making the chair jump up and land back down on the ground. You continued this process, inching closer and closer to the desk, before banging into it when you reached it. Your ankles were bound together but you carefully placed your feet on the ground to lift yourself up a bit so that your bound hands could grab a hold of the knob for the drawer. You hopped forward to wiggle the drawer out of its place and then turned around to look through it. Papers, more papers, pens, cigarettes, a lighter. You spun back around, repeating the same technique to open the drawer below it. Empty. You hopped to the other side of the desk and did the exact same thing. A book, an ash tray, wrappers, a switchblade. Your heart lurched at the sight of the switchblade and you scrambled to grab it before sitting back down in the chair. You fumbled with it in your hands to extract the blade and carefully positioned it so that it was pressing up against the ropes around your hands and wiggled the blade up and down to start cutting into it. The blade was dull and you were making small progress (if any), when you heard the sound of voices and footsteps nearing the door. Your eyes flickered to the door and you quickened your pace when the door swung open. You stopped cutting into the rope and looked at the door only to see Jimin slipping inside and shutting the door behind him. What do you want now? You asked. Shh, Jimin mumbled. Stay quiet and make this easier for me, okay? Unsure of what he had in mind, you opened your mouth to scream for anyones attention who may have been outside only to have Jimin clamp his hand around your mouth and muffling you. Shut up! he hissed, leaning in closer to you. Im trying to fucking help you. Your jerked your head out of his grasp and looked at him incredulously. Why would you be helping me? You asked shrilly. Because youre doing a shitty job, he replied, reaching behind you to pluck the switchblade from your hand and pocketing it. Ill get you out of here faster than you would be able to cut through that rope. Of course, Ill only help you for a price. You quirked an eyebrow as you studied him, albeit slightly swayed by his offer to help you escape even though you should have already learned by now to be wary of Jimin. Give me one more kiss, babe, he said, smirking. You rolled your eyes and looked away. Screw off, You snapped. Im never touching you. Hmm, I figured, he sighed. I guess it was fun while we lasted. I hope you know, I wont forget all the great times we had together. You mean the sex, You corrected dryly. Thats all you were using me for and thats all I was using you for. Jimin pulled back from you, something flashing across his eyes, that made him nod slowly. He straightened up and walked behind you to untie the rope around your wrists, letting it drop to the floor. You let out a sigh of relief and brought your hands up to your chest, rubbing at the aching pain you felt in your wrists. You leaned forward to start working on the restraints around your ankles only to be stopped by Jimin when he dropped to a crouch below you and grabbed onto your hands gently, making you look at him. He reached up to hold the side of your face gingerly and then he was pressing his lips against yours for a soft kiss that made your head spin. He parted from you far too quickly and your heart dropped to your stomach. Im sorry, he whispered, his fingers absentmindedly and lightly rubbing against your bruised and cut wrists. I had no choice. It was either do this or have him kill you. I dont trust you anymore, You replied. I know, Jimin sighed. But Id probably kill you if you did still trust me. You tore your gaze from his and he dropped his hands from yours, helping you undo he restraints around your ankles. When you were finally free, you climbed to your feet and Jimin straightened up in front of you. Why are you helping me anyway? You asked. Hell kill you if he knows you let me go. Jimin shrugged. I cant stop you if I dont see you, he said simply. Ill leave first and give you five minutes before shit goes haywire. Just run as fast as you can, okay? Follow this hallway down and then turn left. Theres a window at the very end of that hall. Its broken but if you give it a nudge, it should open up, and you can easily climb down. Got it? You nodded. You were about to say something else when he was turning on his heel and walking out the door, shutting it behind him. You still didnt trust him and, for all you knew, this was just an entire game to him and Yoongi. Jimin had even taken the switchblade with him, leaving you without a weapon. So, as a last resort, you picked up the rope that was now discarded on the ground and crept towards the door. You pressed your ear against, waiting and listening to hear if anyone was around. When you were sure you had been left alone, you quietly and slowly turned the knob on the door and pulled it open ever so slightly to peek outside. The hall was empty but you knew you had to work fast. You tiptoed out of the room and closed it behind you before pressing yourself firmly against the wall as you walked down the hallway. You reached the corner and held your breath, bracing yourself, before turning to look down the hallway to your left. You jumped when you saw a man walking, his back to you, and pulled yourself away from the corner. You sucked in a deep breath and looked down at the rope in your hands, contemplating what you should do. That hallway had a dead end and if he didnt go into any of the rooms there, then he would turn around and make his way back towards you. You could have either waited for him to make his rounds but Jimin had said you didnt have long. You couldnt wait. So you crept up behind the man, slowly inching closer to him and pulling the rope taught in your hand. Its not like you wanted to do it but you knew you had no choice if you wanted to escape alive. So, without any other choice, you raised your hands and dropped them around his neck. The man jumped, jerking in your grasp as the rope dug into his skin, making him gasp for air. His hands flew out behind him to grab at you but you only tightened your grip around him and his hands instantly went to the rope around his neck, clawing at it. You tightened your grip even more, squeezing your eyes shut, as you waited for his struggle to seize, for his breath to calm. When he fell limp in your grasp, you dropped the rope from him and grabbed onto him just under his arms when he started falling backward to soften the blow. You used all your might to pull his body to the side and propped him up against the wall. He wasnt dead but it was the best you could do. You dropped down to his level and started searching his jacket for anything of use and coming across a simple glock pistol and yet another switchblade. You took both, pocketing the blade and tucking the barrel of the gun in the hem of your pants, hidden underneath your shirt. You wondered why Jimin had let you go, why Yoongi hadnt bothered to talk to you for any longer than he had. At first you had thought that maybe Jimin had felt bad for taking you and wanted to redeem himself by freeing you but, the more you thought about it, the more you figured that maybe the whole thing had been a charade. Everyone was after Yoongi and his turf, especially your father who was one of the more known mafia bosses. No one believed Yoongi could handle himself or the organization and so what better way than to start leaving messages behind for his rivals that Yoongi was alive and he certainly meant business. Maybe that included capturing the daughter of one of the big mafia bosses, shaking her up just enough to let her run free and cry back to her daddy about him, just to let him know that Yoongi wasnt going to back down. You didnt know what the truth was, or if anyone would be waiting for you down below only to take you back upstairs, but you would push your limits and see what would happen. After all, you werent necessarily scared of anyone in this world anymore except for maybe yourself. Everyone is their own worst enemy, right? You hurried to the window at the end of the hall (where you could see it was night time) when you heard a loud commotion and the sound of gunfire and tires squealing echoing around outside. You peered out of the window to see what was going on when you heard someone running to the hall you were in. Well, well, well! Look what we have here, The boy said. Damn, Hobi, if it isnt our lucky day. You spun around to see an unfamiliar boy adorned in a leather jacket. He gave his shaggy brown hair, which hung in front of his eyes, a slight shake to get out of his face and flashed you a smirk. Another man appeared behind him, sporting a black and white track suit with a snapback placed on his dark black hair. I wonder what Y/L/Ns princess is doing here, The boy in the leather jacket said as he casually strode forward. Either shes doing something she shouldnt be doing or Yoongi was just trying to have a little fun with her. What do you say, hyung? Should we take her with us? Who are you? You asked, frowning. Save the questions for later, yeah? The other man said. Im not going anywhere with you two, You snarled. The boy in the leather jacket sighed and shook his head at you. He was standing right in front of you now, backing you up until you were pressed against the window. He reached out for you but you quickly grabbed onto his wrist and twisted his arm behind his back, turning to face the other man and pulling the gun you had taken up to the boys temple. The boy in your grasp simply only laughed maniacally and nodded his head in approval. Shes good, he said, wincing slightly at the pain he felt. Dont you think? The other boy ignored his friends comment but he didnt look entirely bothered by your sudden outburst or the fact that you had his friend in a compromising position. Maybe it was because he knew the other boy could handle himself because in the next second, the boy in the leather jacket was breaking free from your grasp far too quickly that it completely took you by surprise. Before you knew it, he was smashing your head against the wall with just enough force to make you pass out once more.
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