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“You won’t have Chanyeol for long Kris. I’ll take him from you and he’ll be mine again.” Someone said outside their door wearing a cloak He had heard everything Kris and Chanyeol had said to each other. He would find a way to get Chanyeol back, but he would need help from a certain person. “Who are you?” Someone said from behind him He stood there not moving “I said who are you?” The person said He chuckled “Well, isn’t it Byun Baekhyun” he said removing his cloak and turning around Baekhyun glared not happy to see the man who was in front of him “Lee Taemin” Baekhyun growled “Hello Baekhyun. It’s so good to see you again.” Taemin said smiling “Don’t pity me. Why are you here?” He said glaring “Why I’m just here to see Chanyeol” Taemin answered Baekhyun moved closer “Chanyeol doesn’t want to see you. So leave” he said with his changing to bright yellow “Now, why doesn’t Chanyeol want to see me?” Baekhyun’s eyes had fully changed to yellow “Because of you what you did to him. He wasn’t the same for two years. He would have nightmares about you and would be afraid to even leave the dorm, but he doesn’t let that affect him anymore because he knows he’s stronger than that” “Chanyeol did that to himself. He chose to do all that stuff with me.” Taemin said looking at Baekhyun “He chose that stuff?! You gave him drugs! You ruined him Taemin!” Yelled Baekhyun Taemin stared “Chanyeol will be mine again! If I have to do that same thing as last time so be it!” He yelled charging towards Baekhyun “Chanyeol is with Kris now! He’ll only stay with Kris and I’m going to make sure it stays that way!” Baekhyun yelled about to punch Taemin Taemin dodged Baekhyun’s punch and punched Baekhyun in the gut making him fall to the ground “Chanyeol will be mine again. If I have to kill Kris to make him mine again. Then so be it. No one else can have Chanyeol but me.” Taemin said looking at Baekhyun who was on the floor wincing “Y-you won’t have Chanyeol. H-he’s always going to be with Kris” Baekhyun said before passing out on the floor “I don’t think so” Taemin said kicking Baekhyun in the guy before leaving I'm sorry it's so horrible! I really tried!! Tagging the people interested: @nnatalieg @aliendestina @ShinoYuki @JessicaEvaristo @tiffany1922 @KaeliShearer @JackieG1617 @RedChord @luna1171 @shellyfuentes70 @marisamusic @UnnieCakesAli @GriseldaZenger @AbbyRamey @JohnEvans @AaliyahNewbell @ParkHwaYoung @KiinLyr @ElleHolley
@CuteBabyLay oohh well that's messed up. He doesn't deserve Chanyeol
Omg! Taemin!!😩
@UnnieCakesAli there was a fanfic where Taemin drugged Chanyeol and did stuff to him so I kind of continued it
@nnatalieg thanks
YAH WHAT THE HELL??!! WHY IS TAEMIN A DRUGGY?!! I thought he was a nice person 😑
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