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Okay, okay, some of you are on the fence and cannot actually believe that I am crazy about beauty. The truth of the matter is, I am so obsessed, I have buried myself in debt in search of methods to reverse time and to accentuate what I already have.

So...Can you guess what THREE ITEMS came in the mail today?!?!?!?!

First things first. That white envelope in the upper's A BILL! :( It's the scariest bill that I have to pay every month. So, if you said that it was my cosmetic surgery bill, then you would be CORRECT!
My rhino, chin, and fillers cost about $16,000. I have to pay that off in one year or pay 29% interest! You don't want to know what my monthly minimum is!!! :( :( :(
On to better things. In a recent card, I shared with you the woes of having REALLY HORRIBLE eyebrows. And even after spending $100 on makeup products to fix them, they just looked really bad.
That's when I discovered (and ordered) human hair eyebrows that attach to the face with adhesive--just like eyelashes. FOR REALZ!
Be on the lookout for my before and after card to show you how they look!
Some of you may already be familiar with Smile Sciences. They partnered with popular social media personalities to showcase how effective their product is in seriously whitening your teeth at home using pre-filled syringes of fluid and a handheld LED activation light.
CANNOT WAIT to try this out. You can be sure that I will be sharing a before and after of this as well.
You've seen them on your favorite personalities. Now it's MY TURN to give a shot at Desio eye contacts. I ordered the caramel brown because from all the research, they appear to be the most realistic. I am eager to try the cc cream from IT Cosmetics because it's supposed to be packed with miracles.
Let me know if you've tried these products and what you think. Also, if there's a product that you want me to test out, tell me!
@hikaymm lol I hope so too.
@marshalledgar @MyAffairWith will let you know when I post it ;) hopefully in the daylight hours haha
@MyAffairWith @marshalledgar I actually have it!!! I'll try to post a card about it sometime soon. will tag you guys when I do!
@marshalledgar you will have to. There is one thing. Someone said it wasn't good if you're looking for full coverage which I would be, so who knows. But it is a wonder product and more good reviews than bad ones.
@TurtleyTurtles I currently use Salon Perfect eyebrow pellet. The Hard Candy options I've seen at my Wal mart have been to light. I don't need black but I do need a pretty dark color to match my eyebrows
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