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At the beginning of the basketball season, a coach normally sets out a list of rules that staff and team members must abide by. This is to set a standard for the program and lay all cards out on the table in advance.
Earlier this season, Prairie View A&M women's basketball coach Dawn Brown suspended two players on her team. The reason she suspended the players was because they were dating.
This week, the university announced Brown would not return next season.
Brown told USA Today Sports the university told her she was fired because she violated Title IX by discriminating against the players, even though Brown says the school's own Title IX administrator approved the players' suspension.
She also stated that a team rule clearly stated, "Players may not have nonprofessional relationships with other players, coaches, managers trainers or any other persons affiliated" with the team. She said she enacted the rule after an assistant coach had a relationship with a player.
This is a pretty touchy situation. These are adults, so no one wants to be told who they can have a romantic relationship with, but it they signed a document that stated this rule within the team guidelines, this will be a hard fight for anyone to win.
Should the coach have been fired for following through on her team guidelines?
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This is's not anything about being nonprofessional. Instead I feel like it's an attack against same sex relationships.