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this is a Message for Leo Stans, Starlights and all K-pop fans out there. Even though Ravi Is my ultimate Bias, this is a message of comfort for the Leo Stans out there who are hurting right now. and I hope this message Gives you hope through this hard time.
Okay, I've been hearing all about this musical that Leo is playing in, and in this musical, he has a kissing scene with a girl in it. I realize that there are a lot of people bothered by this, and I Totally understand, BUT PLEASE, and I beg you, PLEASE DON'T LET IT DESTROY YOU!
I was on another Fandom Website last night, and there was this Girl on there who was so Bothered by it, She Started Threatening Self Harm, even Suicide.
We were all trying to calm her down, and we even had to give her a number to a Helpline.
She made Post after post about how she was going to harm herself.

I'm saying this out of Love.

Please Don't Let anything like that Drive you to the point of Self Harm or Suicide.
You are Loved and Adored by Family, Friends around you and Us. also please don't put that kind of weight on Leo's Shoulders. it's Heartbreaking, but we need to continue to Love and support him. He is Human just like you and me. We want our Leo to be happy, He Deserves to be happy. I REALLY hate to say this, but one day, our Oppas will end up Finding someone, and some will be Getting married...


Don't Lose Hope. I know how it feels! I've been Through Real Heartbreaks before, but I know that there are Great men out there for all of us, and I know they will Love us with all of their hearts. May you all find someone that makes you Smile like your Bias makes you smile, Someone who makes you Laugh like your Bias makes you Laugh, And ESPECIALLY someone who will love you with all his heart! So Please Everyone, Be Patient, Be Strong. and Please DON'T HARM YOURSELF! I love you guys!



I'm here for you all *Hugs*

I'm so excited he's getting a kissing scene! I finally get to see how that man kisses!!!!
I wonder if he blushed during rehearsal? heehee that'd be the most adorable thing to see!!!
i may die of embarrassment while watching him! lol so, happy for him!
He must be so shy for the kiss! I hope the girl is understanding. But we can still support him and imagine it is us he is kissing lol.
OMG LEO KISSING MAYN.........I think he laughed a lot during rehearsals 😂😂😂😂 Omg now I'm getting more excited to see that.
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