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(spoilers ft Trafalgar L. at the end) Took some screenshots while watching some One Piece Crack Compilation xD who would've thought Luffy would be this hot. :I
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Luffy has always been cute to be, but the older he gets the less cute he is and the more sexy he is
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@KiraHitomi True fam true 😂😂💘💪
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Luffy definitely has his moments where he's just gorgeous to look at! Haha. 😍
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luffy makes me sequel when his being all cute which makes him all the more sexy me: quit your sexy shit!! 'please keep it up! I live for your sexiness!' 😂😂😏
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He's so freaking HOT 😳😍🔥 and he's so cute too. He's one of my anime crushes XD
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