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I have been so busy since we got home I haven't had time to do anything but work and maybe a few hours of sleep here and there. But we did make it to home just fine in case anyone was worried since I have been MIA since Friday as an apology here is some random ikon pictures /memes/videos
Well I'm screwed then because June is my Ub! I will be alone forever lmfao.
I had to include this because this person is so spot on about this because It's exactly how it is for me 1. June 2. Jinhwan ( who I am constantly fighting!) 3. Bobby ( after learning more and more about Ikon Bobby and I are way too much alike it's weird.)
*** WARNING HAS FOUL LANGUAGE**** * all credit to the person who made these memes/videos/pictures you guys are amazing! *
* Bonus because I feel bad for being gone so long!* I laughed so hard at this video I hope you did too I know it's not Ikon, but I love them as well.
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@EmilyGardner I made it to key but after that I couldn't help but laugh at everything
@Sammie99522 lol darn key, after kookie I laughed everything
@EmilyGardner the exo one killed me I had to pause the video
@Sammie99522 lol that sure what exo does, I laughed at everything.