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Every year we see players in the NBA draft get taken off "potential" than on their a players already proven body of work.
Now, more than ever GMs, scouts and journalists throw shade at players who stay at college for longer than 2 years.
This year, we have witnessed the emergence of a superstar on the college level in Buddy Hield. Instead of coaches drooling over his talent and obvious growth, people are finding ways to critique his game.
This reminds me a lot of what they did when Stephen Curry came to the NBA.
People called Steph weak and slow. They said he wouldn't be able to get stronger, or adapt to the speed of the game, despite his deep catalog of highlights.
As a result, he slipped to 7th in the draft. To many, he's the best player in the NBA.
It looks as if Buddy is suffering the same fate right now. He can shoot, defend and drive the ball. He has gotten better every year on the college level. He clearly has a passion to get better and improve his game. Why would he stop hitting the gym now?

Is Buddy Hield The Next Stephen Curry?

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Would definitely like to see him prove these guys wrong!