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So this week's theme is who would our bias be if they were an anime character. He's my only problem there are a few of them even one that isn't really an anime character.
We all remember when he dressed up as Naruto for Halloween 2015
Not only looks but a little of the attitude too. Sweet Suga is a lot like Gaara from Naruto.
He isn't an anime character but Suga is really good at cosplay even if it's unintended. Our heart throb Suga Frost.
Who do you think he looks like?
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hehe I feel like he acts like kyo the most
2 years ago·Reply
dang! wow! I feel like Suga is trying to tell us something. hmmm..... lol
2 years ago·Reply
if you are going for lots and personality I'm gonna say Gaara
2 years ago·Reply
bro *dead
2 years ago·Reply
My new bias...
2 years ago·Reply