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Genre: Mafia AU
Pairing: I don’t even know anymore
Others Characters in Chapter: Yoongi, Jungkook, Jimin
Length: 4879 words
Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy
Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be
Part: 14/?
Y/n’s POV
Call me selfish, but I had never been so happy to see food in my life. I ate pretty much most of it on the way to Yoongi’s base, feeding him some too, seeing as he hadn’t eaten either.
The closer we got, the more benefits I could think of for going back. We can get that phone number. I can charge my phone. I can have another shower and change (I absolutely reeked at this point, it was quite off-putting).
Also, Yoongi wanted to bury Namjoon, and get rid of the rest of the bodies before someone found them. Sure, it was an abandoned warehouse, but better safe than sorry.
Up until Jungkook had tried to shoot me, I hadn’t wanted him to get hurt. But now I saw him as a real threat who wanted me dead. Obviously, he wanted Yoongi dead, but they had been enemies for a long time. I was his (ex)-girlfriend who had got roped into this mess. And now I was on his hitlist too.
I cursed my brother and uncle for the millionth time that day. “Fuck em”, I muttered, unintentionally. I was feeling drowsy and hadn’t realised I’d spoken out loud.
“Fuck who?”, Yoongi asked, making me jump. “My deadbeat brother and uncle”, I sighed. Yoongi just pursed his lips and nodded in response. I didn’t have to elaborate, because Yoongi had heard when I was telling Jimin earlier about why Jungkook was living with me.
Jimin. My mind cast back once more to him. How he willingly took those bullets to save me. The pain in my chest was back, and I swallowed the lump in my throat.
“We’ll be there in five”,Yoongi interrupted the silence once more. I nodded mutely, not trusting myself to speak. Yoongi turned to me. I could see him staring in my peripheral vision, but didn’t have it in me to look back. “Y/n”, he began softly. “Listen to me.”
I nodded again to show him I was listening. “Look at me, please.” He was echoing his words from earlier, when I turned to Jimin for help, and he had shouted at me to look at him.
Jimin. There he was again. Taking over my thoughts. His bright smile, his brilliant orange hair, the way he called me ‘babe’.
I felt like I had known him forever, not just a day.
I zoned back in to the conversation, slowly turning to face him. “Yeah?”, I managed to say the one word without my voice shaking. “It wasn’t your fault, ok?”
How did he know that’s what I was thinking about? I must be making it really obvious.
“He didn’t have to die, Yoongi. In fact, the only person who would have died today is Yuri, if I had just minded my bloody business!”
Yoongi didn’t have a reply to that. Because I was right.
He turned off the road, down a narrower lane. “We’re here”. Even in the dark, could see the outline of the great building. Wasn’t exactly the most welcoming sight- I had been held captive here, after all.
As we hastily exited the van, I asked uneasily “You don’t think they put a tracker on the van too?” He replied, equally as calm as I was nervous “I don’t know. Time will tell.” How can he be so chill about this?
I guess he was used to danger- he did experience it day in day out.
He started walking to the warehouse entrance, which led to the middle part of the building. “All the lights are still on in here..”, he murmured.
I knew he was debating whether to turn them off or not. “ Leave them on then. If they do happen to look here, though god knows how they’ll get back here without a car, they’ll see their van up front and they’ll know we are somewhere in the building.”
Yoongi nodded like he’d already thought of this. “But if they do get here, they’ll have a tougher time finding us in the dark. Makes it easier to escape.”
I just stared. To be honest, I wasn’t happy with the ‘lights off’ option. I was kinda scared of the dark. But I wasn’t go to admit that, obviously.
“I have an idea!”
He grinned at me, making me smile back. “Thought you might.” I giggled. Jesus, stop acting like a soppy schoolgirl y/n. Get a grip.
“All I need to to is grab my charger from downstairs. Oh, and I’ll need a computer.”
“One in my office”, he said. Then he asked “Why do you need it?”
“Well”, I began, “ We know all their phones have trackers in them. I can use a tracking software to find their location.”
“And why do you need the charger?” I stared at him like he was stupid.
“My phone’s dead. And I don’t know Jungkook’s number off by heart.”
He looked almost impressed. “Just one small thing babe. You still need to call him to get an initial location before you can track him. And they might be able to trace back to where you are. Then what?”
I rolled my eyes. “Don’t worry babe”, I laughed, mocking his voice. “’I’ll change the IP address and GPS location on my phone so they can’t find us. But first”, I made a point by sniffing myself, “ I need a shower!”
Yoongi laughed. “Be quick y/n. I know they’re on foot right now, but they’ll find a way to get here. While you do that, I’ll take care of the bodies.” He grimaced slightly at his own choice of words.
I nodded solemnly and rushed off downstairs. There was no light in that room now, so I searched blindly for a switch. When I found it, I turn the lights off and looked around.
Wow this room’s massive! I couldn’t see most of it before, but we had literally been sat in one small corner of it.
I saw the chairs, with the rope on the floor next to them. Just a few hours ago, was tied up here, willing for Jungkook to save me.
I spotted the bag, and laughed at myself. The money was all still on the floor. I saw the charger, walked over and grabbed it in triumph. I need some clothes too. I sighed at the choices before me- in my rush I’d picked up anything. I begrudgingly picked up the pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a jumper. Great. Nice one y/n.
I ran back up, to Yoongi’s office seeing as that’s where his computer was and stopped dead in the hallway. There they were. The men Jungkook had killed when he came looking for us. I felt bile rise up to my throat.
Namjoon’s body wasn’t among them. Yoongi must have already moved him. I forced myself to step over them, frantically trying to get away into the office.
I left the office door open, so I knew if Yoongi was nearby. I looked down to the floor hesitantly, and immediately shut my eyes. There she was, still lying there, eyes wide open. The pool of blood had since spread all around her. Minah. Jungkook’s girlfriend. The one he had killed because of me.
I’m sorry, was all I could think as I stood there, eyes tightly shut, willing for her to disappear. It was chilling to see her eyes staring at me, completely lifeless. The last thing those eyes would have probably seen was Jungkook, or Taehyung pulling the trigger.
Y/n move. You’re wasting time. I was just about to walk across the room, to get to the bathroom, when Yoongi’s voice made me jump.
“You OK?”
I put a hand to my mouth to stop myself screaming the place down. “Jesus Christ Yoongi! Scared the shit out of me!”
He grinned, putting an arm around me. “Sorry.” I steadied my breathing before hitting him softly on the chest.
“You’re gonna have to take the phone out of her pocket”, I told him. “I won’t be able to do it.” He nodded then replied “Y/n, this is the same woman that was going to kill you.”
“I know. But now she’s dead. And I’m not.And I can’t even look at her.”
He changed the subject by looking down at my clothes. “You’re wearing this?”
I shrugged. “Don’t have anything else other than one of Jungkook’s shirts- and I don’t really fancy wearing that.”
He sighed. “Just hurry.” I nodded and side-stepped Minah’s body. I put my phone on charge and dashed into Yoongi’s shower- this shower was even quicker than my last.
I was always a clean freak, and showering helped me focus. Weird, I know. By the time I stepped out, dried off and changed, Minah’s body was gone. There was no sign she was ever there, Yoongi had even cleaned the blood.
Well, it’s his office I suppose. He’ll want to keep it clean.
I sat down in his huge swivel chair, my legs feeling the breeze every time I swung around. The computer was already on. Saves me asking for his password.
I set up the software, and wired my phone to his computer using the USB port. I didn’t know a hell of a lot about computers, but I was sure this wouldn’t take too long too figure out.
As the software started to process my request, I changed the location on my phone, trying not to laugh as I did so. I kinda hoped they would try and track me, just to see their reaction.
Yoongi walked in and slumped down on his sofa, out of breath and red in the face. It was my turn to ask “You OK?”, and he nodded wordlessly, still trying to catch his breath back. He fumbled around in his pocket, before saying “catch”, and throwing a black object at me.
To my surprise I actually caught it. It was a phone. The software started beeping, saying it was ready.
I held up a finger to Yoongi, as if to say ‘wait’ and found Jungkook’s number in my phone, ready to dial. I also typed it into the software, so it could start finding Jungkook during the call.
I breathed out before picking up the phone Yoongi threw at me. “This Minah’s phone?” He nodded. I pressed the power button to turn the screen on. Her lockscreen made my stomach turn- it was of her and Jungkook. A third person must have taken the photo- she was laughing, and Jungkook smiling. He had his arm around her waist.
I looked back up at Yoongi. “It’s password protected. Can’t get in.” I was biting my lip, deep in thought.
“I think I can bypass it, and access the phone’s data on the computer. But your computer only has one USB port, so I’ll have to do it after this call.” I needed my phone attached to the computer for the duration of the call.
“How the fuck…”, Yoongi trailed off, staring at me. “You’re…”, he stopped again. I waited for him to finish before I pressed ‘dial’. “Jungkook doesn’t know what he’s lost”, Yoongi finally finished.
Yes he does. He’s lost a pathetic, scared, stupid, sorry excuse of a girlfriend, I thought.
But I just smiled and said “I’ll put him on loudspeaker”, took a deep breath and pressed the icon.
As the sound of ringing filled the room, Yoongi leant forward in his seat, staring intently at me, while I looked down and stared at the phone.
He picked up on the fourth bell. “Y/n?”
My breath hitched at the sound of his voice. It wasn’t angry. It wasn’t sad. It wasn’t caring. In fact, he sounded completely void of any emotion.
I could hear whispering in the background and allowed myself a small smile. They’re going to try and track me.
I knew their tracking stuff had been in the van. But I also knew that phone’s with trackers in them could be used to track other devices, so someone was probably on Jungkook’s phone right now, trying to find me.
There was a pause. He probably didn’t know what to say. I glanced at the computer. I had muted it, so Jungkook didn’t hear it beeping, but the screen was flashing the word ‘FINDING’.
“Why did you call y/n? I tried to kill you.” He stated. I frowned. His voice sounded scripted, robotic. The guys were probably egging him on to drag out the call for a few more minutes.
Why’d I call? I panicked, thinking for a suitable answer. Y/n, why the hell didn’t you think of this before? I looked around wildly, until Yoongi’s eyes met mine. Jimin, he silently mouthed to me. I nodded and mouthed thanks.
“I want to know what you’ve done with Jimin’s body”, I finally replied. How I said that without my voice breaking, I do not know.
Again, he paused. This time for two minutes. I stared at Yoongi helplessly. At least he’s dragging the call out. Makes life easier. If it wasn’t for the sounds of Jungkook breathing, I would have assumed he’d hung up on me.
“Dumped him in some ditch where he belongs. Some locals’ll probably find him tomorrow.”
Yoongi shook his head in disgust and I gritted my teeth. Jungkook carried on, casual as ever. “Shouldn’t have ran y/n. You keep running and running, and I’ll always catch you. You know that babe.”
I visibly flinched at the pet name. Ten minutes into the call, I glanced at the computer. ‘FINDING…FINDING…FOUND.”
I gave Yoongi the thumbs up. He motioned for me to end the call but I mouthed wait. He furrowed his brow, wondering what I was doing.
Suddenly we heard Hoseok’s voice in the background. “What the fuck…”,he muttered. I covered my mouth to not laugh. You are so immature y/n.
“What the fuck did you do y/n?”, Jungkook growled.
“Whatever do you mean?” I asked, smiling now.
“You know exactly what I fucking mean. Why the fuck is my phone telling me you’re in Antarctica?”
I tried, I really did. But when I saw Yoongi’s face, I couldn’t help it. I started giggling madly.
“Like you said Kookie, I keep running and running. Look how far I’ve ran! They call me Usain Bolt.”
“Y/n-”, he bellowed, but I cut him off.
“Got to dash now Kookie, love you, bye!” I ended the call. In a flash he was calling back but I didn’t reply.
Yoongi was still chuckling.
“Looks like they’re still around the area we left them in. Must be walking around looking for a vehicle.” I was speaking, but not really concentrating. I was thinking about how I ended the call with Jungkook.
“Got to dash now Kookie, love you, bye!”
That’s how I used to end calls with him. Before I knew who he was, what he was. In my little moment of happiness, I’d just blurted it out without thinking. Force of habit y/n. Calm down.
“Ok, let’s see if we can get into Minah’s phone.” I needed to focus on something else. I looked at Yoongi. “Did you try any passwords? Or is it a PIN?”
“It’s a password. One word. I didn’t know what to try, so I left it. Didn’t want to lock down the phone completely.”
“Hmm”, I mused. “You get three tries. Let me try two, and if I can’t get it, I’ll use the computer- cus the computer method will take ages.”
The first word I tried was ‘Minah’. I reckoned she was vain and self-indulgent enough to have her own name as her password. But no. ‘PASSWORD INCORRECT.’
What else could it be? Then it hit me. “Lemme try…Jungkook.” The name of the man she loved. The man that I’d unknowingly taken from her.
“We’re in!”I yelled. Yoongi got up . “Well done babe!” I handed him the phone, so he could find her dad’s number.
I bit my lip. How the fuck could Jungkook have killed her, when he knew full well that she loved him?
“Are you going to call him from her phone?” I asked. Yoongi nodded, still browsing. “He’s more likely to answer.”
I was absent mindedly staring at the computer screen, staring at the red dot that symbolised Jungkook. It had moved slightly, but not a lot.
Yoongi had just uttered the words “’I’m about to ring”, when both of us heard a vibration in his pocket. Yoongi frowned and took out his phone, placing Minah’s down on his desk.
When he looked down at his screen, his pale skin paled further, and his mouth flew open. I stood up, concerned. “What? Who is it?”
He turned his phone to show me the screen, and I had the same reaction.
“Did Jin take his phone?” I asked quietly. The ringing stopped. “I don’t know, they might be using it to find us…” he started.
“…but it could be him.” I finished the sentence for him.The phone started ringing again, while both of us stood there in shock.
Because the caller ID was none other than Jimin.
Jungkook’s POV
After that call ended, with y/n’s nostalgic way of saying goodbye, Jungkook could tell the other three men were livid. Especially Jin. She was making this a habit, making them look like idiots.
He wasn’t angry though. He was just…numb. How did she sound so happy, even after he had tried to end her life? Her laugh was still ringing in his head. He heard Yoongi’s laugh too, near the end of the call, and it damn near broke him.
Jin had asked everyone to split-up, go on a vehicle hunt. They couldn’t do much stranded in the middle of nowhere.
He looked down at his hands in disbelief. These hands had almost killed y/n. His y/n. He walked, and walked just lost in his thoughts. A small part of his brain thought she was just calling to…check up him. But why would she want to check if a murderer was OK?
Turns out she only wanted know what they had done with that orange haired douche. Jungkook sighed- it was the sigh of a broken man.
Her phone battery could never last. The phone was a couple of years old and could just about manage half a day. Jungkook knew that. So she must have charged it. His gut feeling was that her and Yoongi had gone back to the warehouse.
So that’s where he would go. The little prank that y/n pulled had been pointless- Jungkook knew her. But he wouldn’t tell the others. Tae, Hope, Jin. They were hell-bent on making sure she died. He had walked pretty far before spotting something in the distance. He squinted, but couldn’t make it out. He started sprinting towards it.
No fucking way. It was a man on his phone. But that’s not what caught Jungkook’s attention. It was the motorbike next to him.
The man was a lot bigger than him, but nothing Jungkook couldn’t handle. He dealt with men twice his own size.
Jungkook walked up to the bike, and almost mounted it when unsurprisingly the man stopped him.
“Hold up! The fuck do you think you’re doing?!”
Jungkook rolled his eyes, and replied in a bored tone, like this was a standard procedure. “Just give me the bike, and you don’t get hurt.”
The man laughed on the phone “Hey? Are you hearing this?” He chuckled to the person on the other end. “Hmm lemme think about it…no deal kid.”
Jungkook pulled out his gun, wiping the smile off the man’s face instantly, he slowly took the phone away from his ear..
“I said, give me the fucking bike.” He said again, using the same bored tone.
“K-key’s in the ignition”, he stammered, all humour gone.
Jungkook mounted in, gun still in hand. Before he set off, he turned to the man. “Guess what?”
The man made some unintelligible noise in response, the words probably getting stuck in throat. “I lied.”
He dropped the phone, his eyes widening as Jungkook raised the gun. “Thanks for the bike”. The man was about to shout “No!”, but Jungkook stopped him prematurely.
With a bullet to the chest. Jin probably heard that. But, Jungkook told himself, I had no choice. He would’ve called the police.
He pocketed the gun and started the bike. Just as he set off, his phome started ringing. He knew it was Jin, so he didn’t answer. I’m coming y/n. This time, I’ll make sure you can’t run.
He was coming to get her. His y/n.
Jimin’s POV
It was a while before Jimin could find the strength and pain tolerance to take the phone out of his pocket. He was wary of the fact that the bastard who shot him may still be lurking around somewhere, so he tried to stay quiet.
He rang Yoongi, while still laying in the dirt. If he tried, he would be able to move, but just in case Yoongi was still around here, he could come get him, so he didn’t want to do anything too strenuous.
That’s if he’s alive. Jimin shook that thought from his head. He is alive. It’s Boss.
There was no answer the first time he called. He frowned, his heart beating slightly faster. Don’t think bad thoughts Jimin. His phone might be on silent.
He tried again. He smiled as he heard someone answer, and then Yoongi’s voice was in his ear. “Jin I swear if you think this is fu-”
“-Hi Boss.”, Jimin smiled weakly. “I’m gonna need some help here.”
Y/n’s POV
Yoongi answered, finally. He really thought it was Jin when he started speaking. And I’ll be honest, so did I. “Put it on speaker phone”, I whispered. I wanted to hear what rubbish Jin had to say.
Yoongi started the call angrily with, “Jin I swear if you think this is fu-”
Only to be cut off by the voice on the other end. “-Hi Boss. I’m gonna need some help here.”
My face went from annoyance at Jin, to a look of disbelief that it might be a trick, to one of pure delight. I jumped up and down and hugged Yoongi in happiness. “JIMIN!” I shrieked at the phone.
His laughter was followed by bouts of coughing. He must be in a really bad condition. But he was alive. And right now that was all that mattered.
“Y/n, I think you just burst my ear drum.” I was too busy jumping in excitement to apologise. “You’re alive! You’re alive!” I repeated it over and over.
Yoongi’s small smile was one of relief. It made me happy knowing that at least one of his friends was still alive. There was hope yet.
“Jimin stay on the line. Hang in there”, Yoongi said, suddenly frowning. I looked up to study his features. His eyes, his lips.
“What’s wrong?”, I asked him, loosening my grip on him a bit. He pointed behind me. When I turned, my eyes fell to the computer screen. And I gasped.
The red dot that was Jeon Jungkook was travelling extremely fast. And he was heading towards us.
Yoongi’s POV
“Er Jimin?” Yoongi spoke into the phone, knowing full well Jimin would not appreciate this. “Can you search your location so you know where you are, and call an ambulance?”
He could hear more concern than annoyance. “Why, what’s wrong?”
“Well we’re at the warehouse…” Yoongi started.
“..And Jin’s lot are on their way”, Y/n finished for him.
Jimin suddenly was moaning and breathing deeply. Yoongi watched as y/n pouted disapprovingly. She looks like she’s about to throw a tantrum.
It didn’t help that her current outfit made her look even more childlike and innocent than usual.
“Jimin, are you trying to move?” She asked. He replied, blatantly in pain. “Uh-huh.”
“Jimin, stop. You’re not doing yourself any favours. Now do what I asked and ring me when you’re at a hospital. Try and conserve the phone’s battery as well please”, Yoongi ordered. Y/n added a little “stay safe!” before ending the call.
The two of them turned to face the computer. The red dot was already halfway here. Damn you Jungkook. Jin. All of you. Damn you.
“Bloody hell”, y/n breathed. “How fast are they going?”
She looked at Yoongi and swallowed. “I’ve had another one of my ideas. But you’re not going to like it.”
His expression darkened. “What? Tell me, I’ll be the judge of whether I like it or not.” But from the way she spoke, Yoongi knew he wouldn’t.
“OK. You take Minah’s phone. Hide somewhere in the warehouse. When they arrive, you call her father and tell her what’s happened.” She stopped there, to stare at the screen once more.
Yoongi turned her back round to face him, manoeuvring her using her shoulders. “What about you y/n?”, he queried in a low voice.
She bit her lip, making Yoongi narrow his eyes. “I’m going to be a distraction while you do that”, she finished.
He was shaking his head before she even finished her sentence. “No. Fucking Way.”
She sighed in exasperation. “Yoongi. Please, they are less than ten minutes away. Let me do this.”
Yoongi hit his fist on the table making y/n jump. She put a hand on his chest tentatively to calm him down. “Yoongi, this will work. Trust me. You’ll be able to take them all. And I’ll be able to distract them for long enough.
She took her hand away and started to walk towards the door but Yoongi put an arm out to stop her. The look of defeat was evident on his face. Jungkook was now five minutes away.
He pulled her in closer, and she placed her head in the crook of his neck, her small frame hugging his.
“If you die, I’ll kill you”, he mumbled. Her laugh was muffled in the hug.
She pulled away. “Don’t worry”, she said winking at Yoongi. “We still have to finish what we started, remember?”
He chuckled. “Wait, before you go”, he said whilst rummaging in his desk drawers “take this.” A small hand pistol. She took it reluctantly and tucked it into the waistband of her shorts. “Hoping I won’t need it”, she said nervously. Already regretting your choice y/n? “I’ll take my phone too, in case I run from them- so I can tell you what’s happening.”
“Oh and remember”, she added “Her phone’s password is Jungkook. You need the spelling?” Yoongi gave a small smile and shook his head. “I know how to spell ‘Jungkook’, genius.” She just stuck her tongue out in response.
Yoongi watched as she walked away, angry that he couldn’t do anything. The second Jin’s lot saw him, they’d shoot. Whereas y/n had the brains to talk her way out of a potential tricky situation.
You better come back y/n. Jimin almost died for you. Come back for him. Come back for me.
Y/n’s POV
I waited nervously, pacing around the centre of the building. Jin and his gang couldn’t be more than two minutes away. My plan was to pretend I’d turned against Yoongi- hopefully they’d buy it for long enough. I just hoped Minah’s dad would answer, and he wasn’t too far away from here.
The lights flickered, making me gasp. Shit. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.
I looked around, pacing back and forth. My mouth was dry, and heart was racing. My phone buzzed.
From Yoongi: It says they’re here. Stay safe.
Sure enough, I heard soft footsteps behind me. I took a deep breath and turned to find a dishevelled Jungkook a few metres away. I cocked my head, confused at the lack of people. I craned my neck to look behind him, while he just observed.
My eyes snapped to him when he spoke softly. “It’s just me y/n.”
“W-where are the others? Why are you alone?” I didn’t believe him.
No. Yoongi can’t call Minah’s dad. Only Jungkook’s here.
“I knew where you would be. The others don’t need to know that, do they?” He stepped forward. “Or would you rather I told them, so you can try getting off with someone else?” I flinched at his words. They were softly spoken, but sharper than a damn knife.
But they weren’t enough. “I dunno”, I mused. “My type changes quite a lot. And you know what my type is today? Someone who doesn’t try to fucking shoot me.” I tried to glare at him but failed.
He was looking at me up and down, a strange look on his face. His eyes stopped at the tucked in gun. Then he smiled his signature smile. “Where’s your little boy toy?” The lights flickered again.
“I-er I don’t know. We had an argument, then he upped and left. I think he went to bury Namjoon.”
Jungkook didn’t believe a word of it. “Liar. I don’t like liar’s y/n.” Pft, that’s rich coming from you.
He walked right up to me and stopped. He stared at me. And I stared right back.
Then, the lights went off.
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