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When it comes to superheroes, that is.

Early comic books could be kind of vague when it came to exactly how powerful their heroes were. Powerful enough, I guess? I'm sure their creators weren't expecting us to be debating about it almost a full century later! So when it comes to comic book heroes, how do you measure their strength?
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In the M.C.U. comics that tells you all origins and explains all super powers measured strength on a "class 100" scale. For instance, the Thing is "class 80" out of 100. He could lift/press 80 tons. Iron Man is "class 80". Thor is "class 100". Hulk however is the only "class 100+" as he can get mad and become immeasurably strong. I imagine Superman would have the same class ranking for DC. Spider-Man is "class 11" fyi but can get up to "class 20" if angered (lift/press 11-20 tons). so each class is 1 ton. Captain America can only lift/press 1000 lbs and Wolverine is only as strong as a man who has to carry his 500 lb Adamantium skelaton.
@marlonsims way to put it to rest. what about the vision, he gotta be up there with hulk and superman, he is an android made of an indestructible metal after all.
He is class 100 as well. Vision is really the most powerful Avenger oitside of the Hulk. He can change his molecular density to pass through any barrier just like Kitty Pride of the X-Men. He can also redensify himself making him immovable just like Thors Hammer!!
For me I feel like it's Silver Surfer and then everyone else. The power cosmic is immeasurable and if not for the Surfer holding back in every fight he may be unstoppable. Who else could single handedly take down Galactus.
@franknunezIII if galactose was threatening earth and superman had no choice but to kill him, I think he could take down galactus.