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Real 24k Gold Pills
WTF is right! Who would spend $425 PER PILL to swallow a capsule containing (and made of) edible 24k gold? Please note, there is nothing else in these capsules, say vitamin C or anything else.
Other than the bizarre satisfaction of pooping gold, I can think of no other reason to purchase and consume this product. Considering that three pills alone would cover my car note for more than six months, I am utterly flummoxed by this product!
Who's buying this?! Are you?!
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So instead of saying that you're going to drop some kids off at the pool, you can say you're going to go lay some golden eggs.
2 years ago·Reply
hahahaha YES! @danidee that's correct. haha
2 years ago·Reply
lol anyone buying this is stupid
2 years ago·Reply
what a waste I despise people that make dumb shit like this
2 years ago·Reply
Your comment had me cracking up crazy style @ToddStephens
2 years ago·Reply