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I will be completely transparent here. After I saw this video I was more concerned with wasting and destroying a lipstick than the zanity of this video.
But it's crazy to think about what lengths people will go to create something. I am not the inventor-type, so I applaud those who have a mind to think up cool things and then actually go out and make them.
So, while I applaud this girl's attempt, I am left scratching my head wondering, even if the robot lipstick applicator worked, is it even necessary?! Applying lipstick is no joke and there are a variety of techniques to applying it to get different looks.
If you think that applying lipstick is as basic as letting a robot do it, then maybe you shouldn't wear lipstick...? Just thinking out loud here.
Ummmm...yeahhh....I think this is crazy!!!
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Lmao, I'm DYING. This is both brilliant and ridiculous at the same time.
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