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If you're Latina are you able to relate to this video? I don't think this video describes my experience when I meet people.

My first and last name? Pretty easy to pronounce.
Travel? Never had that awkward Mexican situation happen to me.
My name isn't very exotic (haha).
People trying to relate to me by mentioning they've visited a Latin country? Yeah, that has happened.
People trying to speak Spanish to me (even though I am not fluent)...happens A LOT.

What's something you've experienced that's mentioned in this video?

Lmao, this reminds me of my friend Christina. She's 100% Puerto Rican, but she feels like she doesn't fit the 'stereotype' people assume from her culture at all.
@hhead232 I got similar reactions all the time. my last name is supposed to be cuellar but my dads step dad adopted him so I ended up McMullen. nobody ever seems to realize that. I got more racism from "true" Mexicans than I ever did from other races. its like some people think you're trying to insult them by not being like you said, Latino enough or in my case Mexican enough. I did mess with the assholes a lot when they crossed the line though
Since every one is talking about names. When I get a job in my area it's usually because I speak English and Spanish fluently and most times when I talk to an older Latino male (I was in the automotive industry) they would be like thanks for helping me what's your name? And I would say Mark (because that's my name) Then they would say like oh so it's short for Marcos or Marco and I would be like no it's just Mark then there was always the inevitable questions. So were your parents born in the usa? Nope born in Mexico I was born here though. then there was always this look like I wasn't Latino enough because of my name.
I feel your pain @alywoah some people would make me feel like i somehow betrayed them hahaha
Hahahaaa!!!! Latinos who suck at Spanish...unite! What's worse is that I have a Latino last name...and I can't speak Spanish ;(
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