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In my opinion, Sorority Noise isn't known for being one of the best pop-punk bands with indecipherable lyrics. They're a small group of "lovable losers" who also know how to play instruments and enjoy the pop-punk sound. But that doesn't make their lyrics any less heavy or strong.
The song Corrigan off their album Joy, Departed is an example of the way they find simplicity in otherwise complicated situations. I generally don't care what music sounds like when I'm looking for new bands to listen to, I tend to look for a very specific kind of honesty and rawness. And Sorority Noise's Corrigan definitely has that kind of honesty.
It's hard to admit that you'll never be someone else's person especially when you've spent most of your life believe that they could be yours. And when you find yourself in a situation like this, there really isn't anything that you can do to change it. You can only hope to be something that you probably won't be. I've been in this situation a couple of times in my life and there's a piece of me that still feels this way about a particular person. I'm still trying to get it together and admit to myself that I won't be their guy or partner or whatever. But until I get enough strength to actually say it to myself, I'll keep listening to this song.

Notable Lyrics:

All I wanna be is the one you sometimes miss. When you're with your friends, I wanna be the spit that tingles on your lips. And if you find yourself scared to be alone, all I wanna be is the house you call a home. All I'll ever be is the sound of grinding teeth, the autumn wind that blows your hair, and the hand that's out of reach.