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Aka your day job.

I think we can all agree that everyone in the Marvel community is secretly a superhero. It kind of comes with the territory as a fan. But what's your alter-ego? The mild-mannered journalist counterpart to your butt-kicking superhuman life?
My alter ego is moonlighting on here as Deadpool's wife that has a very mysterious power lol. When I'm off here I'm boring and do adult stuff... Like enjoying sleep and quiet.. Lmfao
High school student, Roller Derby Captain and sometimes coach, jr. princess of a yatch club (in training to become the main princess), or part time worker for a landscaping company....... which one do you want
I'm just the kickass wife to the most amazing Vigilante out there! ♡♡♡
I work on the more administrative side of a local social justice non profit organization
@CloeySuess I had a roommate who used to work with cattle! She was the one that had to castrate the bulls though T_T
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