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Look your best this time of year, especially when your bridal shower is being hosted outdoors! I am super excited to share this stunning silk-blend A-line dress with you that I think you're going to LOVE as much as I do.
Total cost: $5,909
Fiona Striped Silk Blend Dress
Bilbao square-frame acetate mirrored sunglasses
Brigitte suede-embroidered woven hemp sunhat
Linda mirrored-leather sandals
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@marshalledgar I can see myself wearing the hat on a hot day outside in the sun ^_^ but maybe when I'm out and not at the bridal, unless if it's a 100 degrees outside 馃槀
Well, whether it's hot or not, you should shield your face from the harsh sunrays. @myaffairwith heheh
@marshalledgar that is true. Sunscreen and sun shielding my pet peeve. I only stay out open in the sun for a little while in the spring because of the breeze then avoid the sun like the plague in the summer
Oh my gosh! really? @myaffairwith hehehe You'd hate LA. It's 24-7 sunshine! hahaha
@marshalledgar well I live in a place where it's sunshine here too. But I don't avoid it completely and look pale. I do get out in the sun, just not without protection. And I stay indoors during the summer because the humidity and heat here is awful. The sun isn't good for your skin and especially during summer.