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Good Vibes Only Bad Vibes Lonely
So my big brother..... My height twin Lee Joon Kyung a.k.a Dok2 a.k.a Gonzo the Kid has come out with this honey-suckling motivational song about having good vibes and keeping your head up.
And a bonus, this song was posted by several fans on Joon Kyung oppa 생일 (birthday) but I wasn't able to post it then to wish him a happy birthday......
Anywho, I know he had a great time on his birthday tour even though I couldn't be there ㅠ.ㅠ
What do you guys think of the beat?
What about the lyrics?
Are you getting the same good vibes I'm feeling or are you picking up bad vibes? (But I don't know how since DEAN is blessing us with his lustrous voice on this amazing track)
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@stevieq yea I have lots! Microdot, hanhae, penomeco, Zico, Jay Park, The Quiett, Paloalto, Beenzino, LOCO, Louie, Simon D, Epik High, Ugly Duck, Dynamic Duo, Outsider, uhhhh...GD and TOP. that's all I can remember now lol.
omg I JUST saw posts for this on Insta
@BluBear07 lol I've never heard that about him before but are there any rappers you do like
I'm not fond of Dok2 cuz I find his voice terribly annoying but Dean saved it for me. It's nice.