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So since I've decided to start posting cards today, I've been working on a posting schedule for each week. Here's the possible schedule I made ^-^ .

Meme Mondays, or Member Mondays

The idea of Meme Monday pretty much explains itself. I would post memes of random groups, a specifically chosen group, or a specifically chosen member of a group. Member Monday would be where I post a card of a certain band member, just saying whats great about them, or what makes them stand out to me.

Worship Wednsday (I can never spell it correctly sorry)

This would be the day a certain group or member would be chosen, and...well worshipped. But while worshipping a whole Idol is fun on its own, worshipping certain parts of our favorite Idol(s) is even more entertaining. Wanna see a card all about the Jibooty, or JinJin's hair? Then just let me know in the comments of any potential future Worship Wednsdays cards

FanFic Friday

Ah yes, one of the best days of the week. I'm a big lover of fanfic. Writing it, reading it, I love it. Friday would be where I write a small short story or start a new long term fanfic where I would update a chapter every Friday.

Sadie's Super Sunday Special

This was an idea that I really loved. I'm FOR SURE, doing this. Basically, for Sundays, I would ask you all to vote for what you want to see. Can't wait for (possibly) Meme or Member Monday? Just ask and if Monday gets the most votes, then you would get memes or ur favorite member card two days in a row. Wishing (possibly) Worship Wednsday would just hurry up? Just vote for it. Fussy that you'll have to wait a week for another short story, or another chapter on (possibly) FanFic Friday? No worries!

So if you have any feedback or suggestions be sure to let me know in the comments ^-^

So here's where voting begins

Meme Mondays: Yes or No

Member Mondays: Yes or No

Both: Yes or No

Worship Wedsndays: Yes or no?

FanFic Friday: Yes or No?

my answer is simple YES TO EVERYTHING I LOVE the ideas
Meme Monday seems like a great idea so YES. Worship Wednesday: YES! so many groups/members you could celebrate :D Fanfic Friday: Fanfic is Love Fanfic is Life lol so YES!