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Playing in a small market often means you will be overlooked in the MVP discussion.
While everyone knows of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, a kid in Baltimore may have more value to his team than both of them.
While no one can deny that Trout and Harper are amazing players, the Baltimore Orioles wouldn't play on the level they do now without Manny Machado.
In 2015, Manny Machado put up MONSTER numbers, hitting 286 while belting 35 HR with 86 RBI. He also stole 20 plus bases last year as well.
The Orioles have done a great job building around him, as they have one of the best 2-5 orders in MLB. They play baseball very similar to the Kansas City Royals. They hit well and run the bases hard. The main difference in the teams are pitching, which is out of his control.
When you watch Manny on the field, its amazing to think that he is only 23 years old. This is a player that has become a superstar at a fast rate.
While there are plenty of goof players in the MLB, there aren't too many I would take over Manny Machado.
Is Manny Machado The Best Player In The AL?

He does put up monster numbers but I think his biggest strength is his defense. Great third baseman. He can bump up his batting avg though.
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Scratch that, not great, the best third baseman in the league.
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