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How Do I Feel Chapter(4/idk)
SOOOO SORRY for not posting in a while school, the weather EVERYTHING has just been everywhere and just SOO freaking busy but now let is continue with the story shall we *bows
I am new to uploading cards so I kinda don't know how to put the links for the last chapters but just go to my page and FOLLOW lol and there will be the rest of the chapters. [WARNING: sad feels]
You wake up the very next morning but it was different you felt nervous and emotionless, like you really didnt care what happens. It was Saturday and you really didnt have anything to do. Your friend was with her other friends but she did invite you to go with her but what you REALLY just wanted to do today was crawl into a hole and die lol but just forget what happened on Friday with Jungkook. You barley had enough strength to reach over and get your phone (lol) A shocked expression came over your face when you saw that you had over 30 missed calls and 200 text messages from (I wonder who) Jungkook. After you saw all of that information you scrolled through the text messages and read some of them and they said that he was really sorry for kissing you out of nowhere and that he was a fool and stupid for thinking that you liked him as much as he did for you. But when you saw the words "please dont hate me and I will understand if you don't ever want to see me or talk to me again. But I really thought that we had something but I guess I just ruined it, I'm so sorry for thinking that I was good enough to be with a beautiful kind hearted girl like you". Tears began to fall down as soon you were done reading that one message that caught your eye. In your head you just wanted to talk to him and tell him that its not true and that you still care about him but you just don't understand your feelings because you have never felt this wat ever about anyone. when you were done scrolling through all the messages to the very last one and it said "I'll be on my way at 8:30" You quickly get up from new saw the time it was 8:10, You immediately went to the bathroom and brushed, rinced EVERYTHING lol. When you came our the bathroom and saw the time it was already 10:20. You were sooo surprised and worried that something might had happen to Jungkook for the reason why he wasnt here yet. You looked around the house to see if he was here but no he wasnt. You checked outside to see if he was out there and but what you saw was letter you picked it up and ran to the street to see if you were walking or anything. ~Nothing You felt like someone had just ripped your heart out. You slowly walked to the side walk and sat down. you opened the letter and it said " sorry for sending all those messages and calls but I really didnt know what to do either run after you or give you space. I wish I could take all of this back because I'd rather still feel the pain of you not knowing that I had feelings for you instead of feel the pain that if I have ever crossed your mind and hopefully You feel the same way. I honestly don't know how long I can take of this because the first day that I ever meet you I liked you for who you are".
Tears forming and falling along with the rain that started awhile ago You felt so stupid for not even noticing anything after all these years we've spent together.
{1 WEEK LATER} You haven't heard or talk to anyone, you have just been stuck in your room and hopefully that you would understand what you feel and know that you actually feel the same way.
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