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Really, political satire and public protests are getting more and more creative. I love it. Just this morning early walkers discovered an actual gravestone with Donald Trumps name on it just sitting in the middle of Central Park! This real tomb stone has Donald Trumps name carved in, his birthday, no year of death, and the quote "Make America Hate Again". Unfortunately park officials took it down (way too) quickly once they were notified. And as of now know one knows whose responsible. I gotta say, it's pretty clear how this artist is feeling about Trump! What do you guys think?
it's so funny no one cares if he dies I know I don't
Honestly not surprised by the creative things that are being made during this election πŸ˜©βœŒπŸ˜‚
I thought thus was true and I LITERALLY STARTED CELEBRATING but its a joke
let's hear it for freedom of speech. what a perfect way to express their thoughts. mad respect for the person (s) involved. I could never be that brave
awww I got happy for once
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