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Anybody else fucking over the moon that they're back? I mean did you see how good Yukwon looked?! I mean damn boy you ain't my bias for nothing. Anyway Created by @PrettieeEmm Tagged by @KeziahWright
Honestly Jiho has some nice ass lips.
Well alright I guess
Jiho seems like the type that is just the dude that flirts like 90% of the time
Back off shortie. But honestly I get flustered pretty easy.
Sorry that you're blind now
Calm yo ass down. Damn.'s possible to cheat on your boyfriend...with your boyfriend?
Let's go fuck shit up Kookie! Yukwon...?
Fine..I'll just...*lies on the floor* I'll just be here with everyone else. I mean Taeil is blind now so he can't really go anywhere without help. Kyung and Jiho are making me blush. Minhyuk is just doing boyfriend things.
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I love how everyone keeps doing the last gif.. 😂😂 Love your results!! 💜