Thank you for making this, @Badtz & thank you for bringing my attention to this with your results, @Isolate ^-^ This is the card that I got this from... go play if you'd like! ->
Annnndddd he most likely laughed at me...thanks MJ xD
I can definitely see him doing this...I hope you know I'm your noona, Sanha. For once I am older than someone and this is how I am treated xD
Awwww >///< Is it bad that I would be perfectly okay with this? I'll supply as many snacks as you want, as long as you supply the cuteness! Okay, Eunwoo oppa?
OH MY GOSH SANHA...why do you keep doing this to me? I'm already covered in your snot ><
AGAIN, SANHA, WHAT KIND OF GRUDGE DO YOU HOLD AGAINST ME? Please stop soaking me in everything you come into contact with!!
Geez...he really does hate me...what the heck did I do to deserve this?
Lol, again, I am totally okay with this. Just don't go into my's a dark pit that you'll never be able to recover from falling into :/ Also, if you don't mind, can we take selcas together on my phone since you took it??
Aww, it's okay Jinjin...would you mind getting me another meal? Or you could at least keep me company...?
Alright, I'm starting to think he is even more clumsy than usual around me or he hates me? Lol, but, I still don't feel mad...I'll let go oppa. Instead...maybe you could give me a ride home? Gomawoyo oppa!!
Wowww....that explains a LOT. xD didn't have to be like that...I know they say guys act rudely to girls they like, but really? I still love you though...
Alright, well, that's my results! That was suprisingly more fun than I anticipated :3 Thanks again, @Badtz
@Badtz Thank you for making it! And he is indeed an evil makanae, lol Xd
Sanha is bad luck for everyone so far, haha 😂😂😅 thanks for playing~~