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Hold up! Hold everything! This look you're seeing here, just about made me crash my car! (Yes, I know, put the damn phone down when driving...) But seriously, I am totally mesmerized by this face paint!
From fashion and beauty expert, Australia's Monique Abel, comes this scorching makeup look that has me cheering. Are you loving this look as much as me?
I love sharing bold looks for brides because, let's face it, NOT EVERY BRIDE wants to look pale faced with a little rouge. That's not everyone's temperament. Now, with the likes of black and navy bridal gowns, brides can finally wear the makeup look they love and feel confident in.
Cosmetics used for this look:
Brows: Sigma Beauty Brow Powder
Eyeshadows: Morphe Brushes 350 Palette
Lashes: iikonn "Marilyn"
Cheeks: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit, The Balm Cosmetics' Betty Lou & Mary Lou.
Lips: Ofra Cosmetics "Angeles"
Stunning! It would be so awesome to be able to do a look like that. I just have to say stunning again!
It's absolutely beautiful! But my skin is too fair for this look. It would make me look like a zombie! I love the orange-ish red!
I'm super late!!!! But I'm glad you didn't 馃槴馃槴馃槴馃槴 I can see why you almost did though lol
That's very true @marshalledgar. I will try it thanks! 馃榿
That's what's so great about makeup @sarahregulski 馃槀馃槂馃槃 you can take this as inspiration and create your own vision, your own masterpiece. try it
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