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The Internet is a powerful thing. Scary and powerful.
The Internet can make you a star for all of the wrong reasons. I don't know why, but the Internet or in particular, "twitter community" have never been kind to Ben Affleck.
Well, I guess another man's pain is our joy.
The reviews for Batman vs. Superman came out and they weren't good. Recently Ben Affleck sat down for an interview, which caught wind of a pretty long and sad stare from Ben. Instead of cutting the guy a break, the world created a meme craze called "Sad Affleck."
Who am I to deny my fellow Vinglers of images of the latest meme craze? Enjoy!
LMAO The Harry Potter one is my favorite. Poor Sad Ron Batman.
Aw man you skipped my favorite one!
i heard affleck was good as batman, I'll have to confirm this rumor soon...