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Donald Trump is not known to sensor his opinions. In fact I think he gets off insulting and degrading as many people as possible. Which sounds exactly like a typical high school mean girl. And hey, him a Regina George have the big hair thing in common, (it's full of secrets shhh). Thankfully Nylon created a video that shows just how immature, insane and fucking ridiculous Donald Trumps Twitter campaign is. Watch the hysterical video below.
I can't believe these tweets were actually ALLOWED to be posted. And even better, some of his more colorful tweets were left out. But let's be real, if all of Trumps inappropriate tweets where in this video it would be a feature film am I right!
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im getting second hand depression from those tweets
@nicolejb I don't think high school will fix...that. Nothing can change that man. Even if he was born again he'd probably still be a prick.
You're probably right there, I think I'd just prefer if he wasn't running for president while I'm alive ;) @SeoInHan
@arnelli OH NO
@shannonl5 rest in spaghetti Never forgetti