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Here is the very late Chapter Four. Sorry once again for the wait, in apology the length is quite long, but please enjoy (with bonus EXO babies)!
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Chapter 4

The next day dawned bright and fresh, and the sunlight streamed into her window, brightening the outside of her eyelids, even shining through them to reach her eyes, making them flutter slightly as she awoke, humming in comfort, half sleepy as she curled up in the blankets surrounding her. It was perfect. Perfect day here in… Her eyes opened wide, and she turned, grinning wide as she stared out the windows. She was here. She was in Seoul. She’d done it. She sat up, humming the familiar melody stuck in her head since the night before. She half laughed at the fact that it was Super Junior. Especially since last night she’d been deluded enough to think that Siwon Choi lived in her building. That was stupid, and with that thought, she hopped up, getting ready to explore Seoul.
It was hours later that she stopped finally for lunch, sitting quietly at a table outside a convenience store, sipping on the fruity drink she’d purchased while she waited for her ramen. The day had been exceedingly straightforward so far, just wandering to get to know the area, and searching for potential jobs. She knew that lots of small businesses would be hesitant to hire an American into even a part time position, but she was looking, just the same. Zoning out slightly, she was surprised when someone sat down across from her. Jumping slightly, she pulled her food towards her and looked around at the other empty tables. Why hadn’t they decided to sit somewhere else? The guy across from her was being super secretive too, a mask over their face, hood pulled up and half over their eyes. At least, she thought it was a guy… She picked up her food in one hand and the drink in the other, and nodding slightly, she moved to another table. Perhaps that table was just the other person’s table they sat at all the time and she didn’t know? She sat with her back to the guy and closed her eyes, hands settling on the warmth of the ramen bowl, trying to ignore the weird feeling she’d had. Maybe he’ll just go away… She lifted her hand, tracing the cross, and fingers moving to her lips, and letting the thought go above her head. She shook her head slightly and reached for the chopsticks, splitting them, and pulling off the cover of the ramen. As she stirred, she hummed softly, pulling out her ear buds, and connecting them to her phone, finding the song she’d wanted to listen to, and pressing play, she hummed quietly along, eating her food. Before long she was done, and when she stood up to throw the trash away, the guy was gone. She was glad that part of her prayers had been answered. That was strange. She stood, stretching, and she decided to take the subway farther into the hub of Seoul, having wandered her neighborhood quite thoroughly during the first half of the day.
Stepping out from the station, she stared upwards at the tall buildings, smiling as she noticed some that she’d recognized seeing in photos or being in the background on certain dramas. Opening up the map app on her phone, she looked at the buildings that were nearby to her current location, humming along to the music still playing in her ears, now and then changing the song, widening her eyes as she saw a crowd of people, mostly younger girls huddling in wait outside the gate of one building. She went over to read the signs. She was surprised to see them praising EXO, a few girls bouncing around on the balls of their feet, chattering excitedly. After a few quick words, she found out that they were in line for a fan meeting that was to happen later that evening. She was surprised that there had been so few people, but one girl answered that question by saying that it was a sponsored meet up, and it hadn’t been widely advertised, not wanting a lot of people to show up. Shrugging, she decided to wait, as she didn’t have anything else to do for the evening, and even though she was already a little tired, she felt like this being a part of her second day of this part of her life was a good omen. She wrapped her coat around her knees, sitting on the cement wall beside the planter, listening now to EXO, one ear bud out so she could hear the conversations going on around her. They were mostly about how this meet was only going to have three members and they wondered about which they would be. They each had one reason or another, and they’d narrowed it down to the four they thought would be available and still in Seoul at the time. She wondered for a moment if they’d be right, although, she thought, the likelihood of them not knowing their schedules is probably pretty slim. These girls seemed to be pretty diehard fans. They’d turned to her a few times, asking their new Unni for her thoughts, and she’d replied a few times, agreeing or otherwise before going back to being quiet. She hadn’t thought about eating dinner, and soon her stomach rumbled. She felt a blush rise in her cheeks, and she looked down towards her feet, deciding to stand up, and stretch out, having stayed seated for a long time. She closed her eyes, rolling her head, popping her neck a few times, before stretching down to touch her toes, fingers wrapping around the balls of her feet to hopefully make her back feel better for a while. She stood up quickly when she heard a rustle of plants behind her, and her vision swam for a moment, seeing the back of someone’s head rushing away over the tops of the higher bushes in the back of the garden. She put her hands out to sturdy herself on the wall, and nearly pushed the sandwich that was now sitting there to the ground. Atop the sandwich was a note. “Don’t forget to eat” She frowned, looking around at the girls around her. They shrugged and pointed to where the guy had run off. They didn’t know who he was, but his face and most of his head had been covered by a mask and his hood. Her eyes widened as she listened to the description, matching the image of the man she’d seen before at the convenience store earlier that day. Why was he following her? And why was he suddenly worried about if she was eating. The sandwich was sealed in the plastic from the store, and as she looked at it, she realized it was a pretty expensive brand. She hadn’t bought something like it earlier because she hadn’t wanted to waste her money. She tore the plastic off of half, using the other half to keep her fingers clean as she ate, taking a couple big bites before lazily nibbling through the second half, looking around at the darkening sky. It had to be almost time for the meet up. She finished her sandwich, and stuffed the wrapper in her pocket, the napkin that had been included was put in the other, in case she needed to wipe her nose on the way home. It had slowly been getting chilly, and she was hoping the subway was still running when she was done so she didn’t have to take a cab when she got out. Suddenly there was an increase in noise as a representative came out, asking them for their attention. It was time for the fan meet. She grinned as she stood and followed the line of girls in, knowing for a fact she was the oldest there. She couldn’t help but chuckle as she watched them squeal, seeing three of the four guys they’d mentioned sitting at the table at the front of the room. One she knew was Bacon, no… Baekhyun, and the others… She looked up and her eyes widened slightly. She was surprised to see Suho sitting there. Personally she’d thought he’d been doing promo for his movie, but there he was. Her EXO Bias. She bit her lip to keep herself from making any stupid noises, but she was now more excited than she’d admit. The other there was Lay. His smile seemed the brightest, He was obviously looking forward to seeing the fans. They threw hearts towards their group as they entered, the girls sitting quietly in rows, her own seat nearly towards the back, as she’d been in the last few people to get in line. There was a Q&A section, and then the guys sang a song. It was one she’d heard a few times, and she nodded her head along with the beat of the song, silently mouthing the words, instead of singing out loud like a lot of the others were. She couldn’t focus on the sound of the guys singing if she was singing, and she wanted to hear them, so she closed her eyes, focusing on them. She smiled as the song ended. They were then instructed to carefully get back into a single file line, where they would then meet the guys, where they could have them sign something, before they’d all take a picture together, and then they would go. She hadn’t thought about having them sign something… She pressed her hands to her pockets, pulling out her phone and shaking her head, knowing if they signed that, they would eventually wear off. She was mildly nervous once she got to the front, pulling a couple things, including the sandwich wrapper out of her pocket. She blushed, putting it hastily away, and pulled the clean napkin out, her grin a little silly. She apologized for her choice of autograph material, and Lay chuckled, signing the napkin, and talking to her for a moment. She asked at the end if she could take a quick picture, and the security said yes, that they had time, and so she pulled out her phone, snapping a selfie of the members down the table with herself, Lay giving them a quick shout, making them look her way as she snapped it, she couldn’t help the grin that appeared on her face. “Perfect! Thank you!” She bowed to him, smile now pasted on her face. She took the napkin back, and scooted down as she was told, looking up at Baekhyun, apologizing once again for her napkin. He nodded, grinning as he asked her sheepishly if she was his noona. She nodded softly, smiling at him. He grinned as he scrawled on the napkin. He took a minute, looking at the logo on the napkin. He mentioned it looked familiar, but she just assumed it was a popular store chain. As she nodded, thanking him for the fun evening, she moved down, biting her lip, trying not to be stupid in front of her bias. She bowed, offering him the napkin, asking him for the autograph, and apologizing once again. She was surprised when he mentioned casually that “Siwon Oppa just brought us sandwiches from this place… we love it but never have the chance to go…” He signed the napkin, a smile on his face. I hesitated, asking him to repeat himself. He did so, and I felt my breath catch in my throat. She nodded, and thanked him as he passed the napkin back to her. She thanked him and he frowned slightly.
“Are you alright? You look… well you look a little pale.” She was surprised by his forward comment, but nodded. “Just surprised, and a little overwhelmed by this. It’s not exactly how I meant to spend my evening.” He frowned, and she explained her situation, somewhere in my head, a disconnect happening. She wasn’t nervous in front of him, he was just a person. He nodded and smiled. She bowed to him, thanking him for his time, before turning to go, walking slowly towards the street. A person came up beside her and put a hand on her arm, and she turned. It was one of the people working the meet. Suho had asked them to find a way to contact me to make sure she was alright the next morning. She was blown away by the caring attitude, but nodded, giving them my email and phone number in a bit of a daze. He really is a motherly type… She chuckled to herself as she left the building at the weirdness that had happened within, behind her. Besides, it had to be a coincidence. One, why in hell would Siwon Choi buy her a sandwich, that didn’t make any sense. Two, as she thought about the back of the head of the person running away. That person at the convenience store couldn’t have been Siwon, she would have noticed. She looked at my watch as walked through the doors, grumbling as the subways and busses had stopped for the night. She stepped out, putting a hand out for a taxi and was surprised when a car pulled up almost automatically. She almost didn’t notice it wasn’t a taxi because it stopped right in front of her when she had my hand out. The window rolled down, and sitting inside was the man in the mask. Her eyes widened and she took half a step backwards. Then a whole step back as the door opened in front of me. “Get in…” she didn’t know what to do. Part of her wanted to run away, but there didn’t seem to be any room for arguing in his tone. “I… I don’t have much money, and my family isn’t rich… I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t be a good hostage.” There was a bit of laughter and he shook his head. “I don’t need hostages. Please, I promise I’ll just take you home. You need a ride… right?” She frowned. He wasn’t wrong. She did need a ride. But why should she trust this random guy who had apparently been stalking her and giving her sandwiches? This had gotten far too weird to be any type of coincidence, and so she quietly got into the car, not really wanting to cause any trouble. Maybe if she proved she didn’t have any money they’d let her go… or maybe she really did have some sort of weird guardian angel running around in a face mask and hoodie.
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