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Found this from the Lovely @Gaarita100 :) If you decide to do the challenge, let me know! So... my Kpop Playlist is 1.8 days long... and that doesn't include any OST songs. huh.

How I'm going to die:

Day6 - Congratulations

So, uh... am I gonna die of like... heartbreak or of getting pissed off at someone and thinking I'm over it but not really? I'm... I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I do love this song so... that's good?

Describing my love life:

Super Junior - 차근차근 (Way For Love)

I chose this video specifically because it shows the English translations. This song is ridiculous. I mean, yes it's about love, so that's awesome... and it's a positive thing! No, but really I love SuJu05, and this song has always been one I liked, it just really made me laugh in this context.

Song that will be played at my wedding:

BTS - Danger

Wow... so, my wedding isn't going to turn out well, is it? Either that or they just stole my Kpop dance playlist and decided to play it... (hopefully?)

Song Played at My Funeral:

EXO - My Turn To Cry

Wow, so apparently I did die of a hidden broken heart. This kills me. :(
(on another note, I freaking LOVE this photoshoot. It's totally in my top 3 EXO shoots)

Song describes my week:

Super Junior - It's You
Wow... alright, uh. I have a freaking roller coaster of emotions in my love life apparently. Not sure who I'm having these feelings for... (actually that's kind of a lie.)

My theme song:

Infinite - Back

I can not catch a break, can I?

This song plays when I think about someone I love:

CNBLUE - These Days

Well... this fits. It's not looking good for me, is it?
1. How I'm going to die - EXO Lightsaber 2. My love life - VIXX Voodoo Doll 3. Played at my wedding - Taemin Drip Drop 4. Played at my funeral - Z.Tao I'm The Sovereign 5. Describes my week - Super Junior Mamacita 6. My theme song - BTS N.O 7. Played when I think of someone I love - Big Bang We Like 2 Party
I'm mildly interested in how that's gonna happen honestly. How do you get in the position to die by lightsaber
@DarciAragon sounds like your Kpop life is interesting too! Lol
my kpop playlist is over 1,700... i'm not sure how many 'days' that is. my ipod doesnt tell me
Unfortunately I've always been told that anything is possible lol
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