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Glasses in anime
yukio (blue exorcist) kazuma (noragami) kyoya (ouran high host club) usui ( kaichow maid sama) rize (tokyo ghoul)
Scarletribbons clipped in 1 collections
William and grell from Black Butler Negi from Negima kabuto from Naruto Lt. Hughs from FMA
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Grell (black butler), Anri (durarara), Rui-chan (nisekoi), Satoru older one (erased) and Sheele (akame ga kill)
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Kyoya (ouran highschool host club), Usui (kaichou wa maid sama), Hange (attack on titan), Loke (fairy tail), and Stein (soul eater)
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Yukio (blue exorcist) Nishiki (tokyo ghoul) Shiro (blue exorcist) Sir Integra (Hellsing) and Arima (tokyo ghoul)
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