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Okay guys im going to talk about some things about the Movie.....
I was squealing when Naruto and Minato did this, the feels attacked me because you guys know that Naruto never got to have some time with his father in his present time....
and lastly.... THE FEELS ATTACKED ME AGAIN I just hated it when Minato made everyone forget about what happened and Naruto didn't even got the chance to talk to his father! and....... well a part of me actually hoped that Minato will RECOGNIZE Naruto's face because I mean come on, the hair, and the eyes should be a give away right?
One thing I absolutely love about this serious is just the creator Kishi man... This guy really knows how to pull the right strings and play with your emotions, and feels to bring out nostalgia 24/7.. like one pull from this guys strings and bam.. You can't stop tearing and from the scene your watching you instantly flashback soooooo many episodes before and realize naruto struggle.. to get to where he is now... same applies to every other character. All the characters have naruto have some sort of back story.... SPOILER????? . . . . . Even down to tenten.... Had no clue her goal was to become strong like tsunade since she looked up to her so much...There was more to her I saw in an episode but forgot..