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I work in New York City, the place everyone wants to "make it." Unfortunately, the idea of loving your job gets totally pushed aside to the idea of "success" as everyone is only focusing on the money. So, to all my working class heroes, here are 5 quotes to remind you to live the life you love and love the life you live!
Sometimes it's hard not to compare yourself to your co-workers, to bring yourself down when things are getting rough. But no matter what always encourage yourself. Always.
The quickest way to misery is to try and be anything but yourself! Be confident in your crazy!
Let's be real, most jobs aren't your "dream job" and some aren't right for you! But, you will always be in the right place.
Like the one above, being yourself is what really matters. And the sooner you make that decision the more successful you will be!
And no matter what is happening in your life, ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS voice your opinion no matter what. What you have to say will always matter.
Awww I love the confidently weird one. I think all people are a little bit weird, some people are just more afraid to show it ;)
i love these. i do need some uplifting!
I agree.
Thats beautiful