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(Here is what the shirt looks like and hat. The last picture is how your sitting later in the story) It's been several months since BTS hit the scene and my relationship with Jhope is still going strong. He got his phone back a month after I had brought them food. Since then he makes sure to text me at least once a day and I do the same. When he has a chance he calls me and we video chat. It's nice being able to see his face when he's actually talking to me. Everything was going great. Although we couldn't be together we were still in love with each other and all the doubts I had before were taken away because of him. "We are going to go on a date." Jhope said "Really? When?" I asked being excited "Does Friday work?" "Yes! Do you have some free time?" "Yes. I'm going to spend all Friday with you." "I'm so excited!" I was now jumping up and down. "Your jumping up and down now aren't you?" He laughed "Of course I am." "I love you!" "I love you too!!!" "Alright I'll see you in 2 days. I gotta run now. They need me." "Alright have a great day!" "You too. Bye baby girl." He said making me blush. "Bye." We hung up. I was excited and started jumping on my bed. We were going to be together finally. That day had to be amazing no matter what we did because we'd be together. I screamed into my pillow. I quickly pulled out my phone and checked my work schedule. Thank God I had Friday and Saturday off. One thing I knew was that the next 2 days were going to be long. Thursday night rolled around and I laid out my outfit for the next day. Even though it was only 8pm I wanted to go to bed so the next day would come faster. I was laying there a few minutes and couldn't sleep. I got on my phone and started watching youtube videos. By the time I got tired I looked at the time and saw that it was already midnight. Well time seriously went fast. I yawned and closed the app and closed my eyes. Next think I was waking up, something smelled good. I sniffed and realized the smell I was smelling was Jhopes cologne. My eyes shot open and there he was smiling at me. "Hobi!!!!!" I squealed throwing my arms around him. He adjusted us so we both could hold each other. "(Y/n)" He kissed my head. "When did you get here?" "An hour ago." I looked at the clock it was 7. "You could have woken me up when you got here." "But you looked so cute I couldn't do that." "I'm so glad you're here right now." I looked up at him. "I'm happy I finally get to hold my girl." He smiled. Him saying this made me blush. "So what are the plans?" "We are doing a picnic. And just having us time." "That sounds amazing." "But first you need a shower." "Hey are you saying I smell?" I playfully smacked him. "No not at all. It'll just give me time to get breakfast made." He laughed pretending where I hit actually hurt. "Fine." I got up and ran to the bathroom. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He yelled from my room. "What?" I turned around to look at my door. "Oh maybe these?" He said holding out my clothes. "Oh yeah that might help." I ran back to him grabbing my clothes and placing a kiss on his lips. "Thanks!" Then I went back to the bathroom and showered. While I was in there I was thinking happy thoughts. I grabbed for my conditioner bottle when one of the razors I used to use fell off the shelf. It missed me but I looked at it as it was by my feet. I hadn't used it in so long it was rusty with dried blood still on it. I grabbed it and set it on the side of the tub. I was going to throw it away after my shower. I finished up got out and got ready. I was wearing my favorite pair of skinny jeans that I felt very confident in and a long black sleeved shirt with a shirt over it that said 'Im still alove suckers' and I also decided to wear a snapback that said classy snob. It was winter after all. Although there wasn't snow on the ground it was still chilly. I turned to grab the razor and as I was about to throw it away Jhope walked in. I dropped it into the trash but his face still showed he was pissed. He grabbed my arm and pulled up my sleeves. The cuts from way before had left scars. After checking my other arm he then let out a breath. "I thought you were doing it again." "No I promise I haven't done it since....well right before I brought you guys food that one night." "That's good...but why did you have it?" He pointed at the trash. "I guess I hadn't gotten rid of it and it was on the shelf with my conditioner and fell off so I was throwing it away. He hugged me. "I don't want you hurting your beautiful body ever!" I hugged back. Why had I ever doubted that I was pretty? I mean I'm not perfect but Noone is and My Hope loves me the way I am. "My hope." I whispered. "Did you just say I'm your hope?" I could feel him smiling. "Yes....yes I fact that's what you are in my phone." "Really!?!" "Yup." I smiled into his chest. In all reality he was my hope but he was more than that. He was the first one who truly loved me and he was an angel that saved my life and gave me meaning again. I can handle living with out my parents and maybe even friends but one thing for sure was that I wouldn't be able to continue on if he was gone. "Come on breakfast is ready." He said pulling me out of the bathroom to the kitchen. We ate out breakfast quick. Then we headed out. "Ok so how is a picnic going to work in the winter?" I asked him "Well the beach of course...although it is a little chilly we won't stay that I got hot cocoa that should keep us warm...if not we can just cuddle." He smirked. "Ok I see why you chose this." We interlocked our fingers and went to his car. He drove a while and during that we sang along to the radio and played some car games. By the time we got there I still wasn't hungry so we just walked on the beach and I wanted to build something in the sand so we tried to. It was not a castle at all just like a sand mound. "You are so cute!" He said laughing at me attempting to fix it. "Hmm this isn't working...we need tools.." I grabbed a stick and stuck it in the top. "This will do for now." I got up and dusted the sand off my hands. "Are you hungry yet?" He asked me. I glanced at my phone for the time. "I am a little hungry." So we walked back to the car to grab our picnic items. After we ate our sandwiches we were staring out at the water. "Hobiiii" I started whining. "Hmm" "I'm coooold" He laughed "Come here" He said moving his legs and patting between them. I got up and moved and laid back on his chest and he grabbed the extra blanket he brought and put it over us. Then he put his arms around me. I instantly felt warmer. He placed his face on my shoulder. "Better?" He whispered and I nodded. Then he kissed my ear. "Don't even." I said smiling "What?" "I know what your gonna try to do and the answer is no its not happening here." "Oh come on. It's a fantasy I want to fulfill." He whined "Let's fulfill that when it's warmer out." "But then there's alot of people." He whined more. "Not everywhere on the beach." I laughed. "Fine, I'll remember this so you can't back out." "Ok!" I laughed. Then we were quiet for awhile. His phone went off and he pulled it out. He looked at it then typed something then put it away. "What's up?" I asked leaning back so I could see his face a but better. "Nothing...but there is something I'll need to ask you....soon." He said biting his lip. I sat up and turned to face him. "What's going on?" "Nothing to serious." "Hobi?" He quickly got up. "There's another place I want to take you. Let's go." He said and started cleaning up. What is going on? Why is he acting so strange now? I quickly helped him and ran after him grabbing his hand in the process. He looked at me and smiled.
So what do you think he is going to ask? Do you think it's bad news? Good news?
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I hope its going to be something good, can't wait.
Omg I want to update right now the next chapter but I want the suspense to build up a little longer! @UnnieCakesAli @yaya12 @MrsChanyeol @Kpossible4250 @Nikolmaii
I wish he propose !
@JayDaeKang yea a walk to remember I love that movie!!!!
part 13!!!!
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