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Zankyou no terror- terror in resonance!! Truly a climatic and deep though anime!! About a pro positive terrorist group that didn't terrorize people but terrorized the wrongdoings of humankind!! I hands down fell for this, once hitting the last few episodes and feeling like I've died myself it is a clear statement that sometimes drastic measures are taken for drastic changes. With the right settings and planned out proper ideals tho. These two main characters play a symphony of disaster that leads the town to disbelief in them to yet be later found that even heroes rise from the ashes. If not then the get spread across the wind throughout the world to help create change!! Thank you project team!! Anime is life!!
this anime is one of my favourites I thought a tantrum when it ended and my brother thought something was wrong with me, though Is it bad that everytime someone mentions terrorism they're the first ones that pop up
@supbroscene this was an incredible anime and I def enjoyed it all the way through. Lots of twists and turns!!