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I was really sad when I made this one. it took me 2 months to make, the reason u see smile is cause I was told to smile.
huge rwby fan right here. I love yang to death. this took me 5 months to make.
This is based off of a random character from my fav game. Destiny. I love this one cause I just love destiny. it took me at least a month or two.
I was angry when I made this one, this took me 1 month to make, I just like it
and like always, I put miku at the end, I didn't draw this, my best friend sent it to me, no ur not getting his name. the reason it takes me so long to make these is cause I really take these drawings of mine to heart so... yeah...
@InVinsybll I did make them, honest. I did post them to some sites but I forget which ones
I'm pretty sure I've seen some of these on other sites too