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The Reasoning Behind Kroger's Unisex Bathroom

It's all about a safe environment for customers.

Amidst the unfortunate news that North Carolinian lawmakers recently passed legislation forcing all people to use a bathroom that matches their biological sex instead of the gender identity they go by, this Kroger grocery store in Athens, GA isn't putting its customers at disadvantage.
Thanks to customer Tonya Owens, a picture of her local Kroger's unisex bathroom has gone viral leading to hundreds of supporters commending Kroger for its inclusion of all customers. Outside of the bathroom, a sign was posted to announce the reasoning behind the unisex bathroom change.
"We have a unisex bathroom because sometimes gender specific toilets put others into uncomfortable situations," the sign reads. "And since we have a lot of friends coming to see us, we want to provide a place for our friends who are:
โ€ข Dads with daughters
โ€ข Moms with sons
โ€ข Parents with disabled children
โ€ข Those in the LGBTQ community
โ€ข Adults with aging parents who may be mentally or physically disabled
THANK YOU for helping us to provide a safe environment for EVERYONE!"
As of Monday at 8:30 p.m. (ET), Owen's tweet had collected 50.9 thousand reactions, 1.9 thousand comments, and 72.9 thousand shares! So far most posts have been very positive as customers have flocked to show their support online. This Georgia Kroger is one perfect example about how important it is for our businesses to be accommodating for all guests who shop there.

Cheers to you, Kroger!

The tweet that started it all.

Here are the positive comments (names abbreviated for privacy):
Chickie H. - "I approve~~As a Mother of a Son with Cerebral Palsy~Nice that I can take Him to the Restroom while shopping instead leaving Groceries behind and rushing Him Home~Good for Kroger!!"
Megan K. - "Your bathroom at home is unisex find something else to b--ch about. seriously."
Bo R. - "Now to get NC businesses to do the same."
Julie T. - "I have an Autistic son who is 11 yrs old. I get disapproving looks when I take him in the ladies restroom with me and the occasional snide remark. I would greatly appreciate more restrooms like these."
Stephie S. - "This is the way it should be!!!!"
Katie K. - "You've already been in the restrooms with trans people. You just never knew. GTF over it!!!!"
Here are the negative comments (name abbreviated for privacy):
Carol P. - "Another sign that our country is going down the toilet, one flush at a time. Truly DISGUSTING!!! People, Please read the KJV Bible and what it Clearly states (Romans 1). In the end the gays, the unisex, whatever they are, unless they repent, will find a place in the lake of FIRE of all of Eternity!"
Josh R. - "There are two genders: Males and Females. Everything else comes from the brain."
Bob H. - "Safe for everyone??? Really not close to true, Kroger's."
Peter J. - "You know what? Just forget it, I'll just bear it till I get home."
Nathan F. - "So once again, we worry about "hurting peoples wittle feelings" rather than just actually taking care of actual important problems like cancer or world hunger... Yeah, I'm done with this BS."
David S. - "Why should we change? How about you queers change?"

Keep blocking out the haters Kroger, you're doing the right thing!

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Ashamed of my state, NC. our politicians were not not raised properly.
Thank you Kroger! This is what we need everywhere! I don't understand why people are hating because it doesn't affect them in any way so they need to sit down and shut up. If it doesn't affect you it is ok to ignore things guys!!
That's awesome! proud of krogers ๐Ÿ‘
Good job Kroger's!!
Way to be Krogers!
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