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Taking a break from hw I found thks lovely game and I thought...Why not???
Had your first kiss with? doubt....heh I am defs okay with this!!!
My bf Again no worries....although how he won the visual is beyond me!! You're still cute B!!!
Flirts with me Hold up Tae!! Just because you have an amazing voice and the cutest little mushroom does NOT give you the right to do this to me!! - cries in a corner- don't let him get me!!!
Teases you to make you blush 아니야!!! Get the flower boy away from me!!! - starts running away with him chasing after me- Help me!!!
Love triangle (pick 2x) - throws phone on bed- Why??? Jae you trying to start something?!?! PO....I see you and back cant fool me with your devil maknae ways!!!!
Saw me naked Evil thoughts away with you!! There are MANY reasons why you're bf will see you naked and I am TOTALLY not thinking of any -hides in a corner growing mushrooms-
Asked for sexy pics -reports this to my bf- We will not be having ANY of that Zico!! Stay away!!
Cheating on your bf with I will never do this but, for this we will just say that B was cheating first!!! With my bias!!! He is everything to me in this band....but why must I cheat??? -shrugs- A beautiful man!!!