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So we kpop fans all need at least 1 item of kpop merch otherwise we would probably cry a lot from the lack of merch.
Today my Doughnut(why does everyone spell it like donut?) hoodie, that many Kpop Idols have worn before and we all would know exactly who, came into the mail!
We all gotta have at least one mask right? Welp, I got five but my Got7 one came into the mail without me knowing it came with my hoodie . Im not even complaining since its free.
The first one I got is a BTS mask, my sister had boughten me for Christmas and my birthday.
I have two plain black ones, for when i dont wanna wear one that has writing or an image on it.
I also bought a Taehyungie bear mask cause its adorable
Last but not least of the masks I Got7(I couldnt resist)! I didnt even know that I ordered this, so it came to me as a surprise.
My sister had also bought me a necklace from the drama You're Beautiful as a birthday gift!!!
Last but not least she also bought me a V BTS jacket!!! I haven't gotten it yet due to some errors but I wanted to show everyone what it looks like!
Well thats it so far, ill be buying way more merch in the future once i get the money(hopefully). 고마워 언니!!! 사랑해!! ❤
Yay! You're officially apart of The Brotherhood of the Traveling Doughnut Hoodie!
I have 0 kpop March and I cry all the time
lol I'm just kidding (maybe) but ya know *shrug*
Ahhh we have the same necklace!! Your beautiful is the best