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KPOP Ship Scenarios: I SHIP YOU WITH...
This is for you @KatiePrihodiko!!!! I made sure it was for BTS like you requested :)

I ship you with..........


Everything you described about yourself screamed Jimin to me. You two would click immediately. He would instantly like the fact that you're shorter than him even though it wasn't by much. Since you two love being active you would enjoy going out together and doing all sorts of fun activities!! He would love your shyness towards him and would tease you occasionally hoping to bring you out of your shell. Aegyo would become his new favorite thing to get your attention since you love all things cute. He would be careful not to annoy you too much in fear of you unleashing some martial arts on him. He would accept both your tomboy and girly personalities but would prefer the girly one since he likes seeing himself as the protector and caretaker. The fact that you both sing well and share a love of hip hop is destined. The fun would never end and the relationship would be an ideal one.
Accurate or Not??? Let me know @KatiePrihodiko!!!! I hope everyone are enjoying these and don't worry I will get to all requests ^.^
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Your explanations are wonderful! :3
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I love these! I would love to request one for me, if possible. :)
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@SatinSkies If you would like for me to ship you please either comment or message me with some basic info about you. I will try to get to you ASAP
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Such an adorable ship!!!! 馃構
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