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I make a post asking a simple question.... This is what I get. Was I too harsh? This person (whom I know in person, they go to my school) always comments on the posts or in person I make about Kpop and K-Drama in a bad way. If you don't like it then just unfollow me.... I've gotten tired of it and commented back... But I feel as if I was rude, OH WELL. Sorry for the rant and I will have the new series up tomorrow! Love you guys 馃挆馃挆
Update photo.
obviously the person has not experienced the glory of kpop and kdramas! 馃槀
That wasn't harsh, they are just petty
but if you want to find some good dramas try kiss asian
I have a friend like that and it's getting annoying that she always put every kpop love down and yet she loved Asian men
That wasn't harsh to be honest. I could've said worse things, but that was so unnecessary for that person to just get into business that doesn't involve them.
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