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I make a post asking a simple question.... This is what I get. Was I too harsh? This person (whom I know in person, they go to my school) always comments on the posts or in person I make about Kpop and K-Drama in a bad way. If you don't like it then just unfollow me.... I've gotten tired of it and commented back... But I feel as if I was rude, OH WELL. Sorry for the rant and I will have the new series up tomorrow! Love you guys 馃挆馃挆
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I can't say express my Love for K-pop on Facebook. Nobody would understand. 馃槩
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That wasn't harsh to be honest. I could've said worse things, but that was so unnecessary for that person to just get into business that doesn't involve them.
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I have a friend like that and it's getting annoying that she always put every kpop love down and yet she loved Asian men
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but if you want to find some good dramas try kiss asian
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That wasn't harsh, they are just petty
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