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The Deal

lexi Marie’s pov

I was arguing with Dylan in the hall way. Man this guy just doesn't know when to quit! He's been non-stop begging me for the past few weeks, he'd even go by my house. Such a disgrace, no sense of dignity at all. I was beginning to get annoyed, we've been the top story on the school newspaper all these weeks running! At first I didn't mind but now it's just ridiculous, he follows me around, he buys me things, he offers me trips, this is by far the lowest thing ever. He's clearly not going to leave me alone unless I have somebody else.
"Marie! Are you even listening to me?!" He yelled.
I scoffed. "I don't care what you have to say! I'm tired of you constantly harassing me!"
"But I love you!" He said.
"Dylan, I don't want you anymore! Don't you understand that?!" I yelled.
When he said that I spotted that guy all the girls have been fussing about. Perfect, he'll have to do.
"But why?! Is there someone else? Hmm?! Do you have someone else already?! I'm not leaving you alone until you tell me why!" He exclaimed.
Once he was close enough I'd make my move. I couldn't help but smirk.
"Yes...there is someone else." I said. "I have a boyfriend and there he comes, so if you'll excuse me"
I clung to his arm. "Baby!"
"Hey babe~ how was your day? I was waiting for you to come out of there, you bad boy you." I smiled. "Heh. Actually we'll discuss that at my place. Come on" I giggled in the cutesy way possible
"Huh?!" He looked at me wide eyed.
I needed to move quickly, I dragged him out the building as fast as I could. We walked to the limo, He pulled away from me.
"What the hell is your problem? Who do you think you are dragging me out like that?! Furthermore why were you touching me?! And I am NOT your-"
I covered his mouth before he could say anything else. "Shut up and get in the damn limo! Aish!"
I pushed him inside and got in. I told Sebastian to take the long way home, so I could talk to this simpleton.
"You hungry or thirsty?" I asked.
"What the hell is your problem? Who do you think you are dragging me out like that? Why did you tell him I was your boyfriend? As if I'd ever date the likes of you." He said.
"Oh, This that so? You really think this is about me liking you?" I scoffed. "Please. I needed an escape and I went for it. Although, I do have a proposal for you" I said as I served myself a glass of champagne.
"Whatever it is, I'm not interested." He rolled his eyes and looked out the window.
"I haven't even told you what it is" I said.
"I don't care what it is." He snapped back.
Is his brain broken or is he just plain stupid? Most boys would kill to be in his position right now!
I laughed light heartedly. "Good one. Well, listen up and listen good Mr. 'Bad Boy'. I need a pretend boyfriend and who better than the school's bad boy? I mean you look tough and all so why not?"
"No. No. No and Uhhh, No" he said.
Man he's such a sour puss.
"You're not gonna do it for free. Word at school is, you wanna from a band." I said.
He looked at me. "How'd you know about that?"
Bingo, I got him now.
"I know more about you than you think, Suga" I smirked.
His eyes widened.
"So will you do it or not?" I asked.
"No. I won't, like I said I'd never date you" he said.
What the hell is this kids problem?! Everyone wants to date me! He's seriously got some kind of defect!
"How does 500 sound?" I said.
That's a lot of money for peasants isn't it?
"A day?" He asked.
"A week" I said.
"No way" he scoffed.
"1,000" I offered.
He shook his head. "Nope. No amount of money could possibly deal with the frustration of being with you 24/7"
He drives a hard bargain and he's stubborn. I smiled to myself and swirled the champagne in my glass. It's rather interesting.
"Money isn't an issue for me" I looked at him. "I'll give you 2,000 a week."
He was so overwhelmed his mouth dropped. Now I most definitely got him, there's no way he'd turn that deal down.
"Tell me what I have to do" he looked at me.
I smiled in satisfaction. "You have to be my boyfriend. That's all, just play the part and don't act awkward. I need this to be as convincing as possible until he gets over it, so I'm thinking maybe a year or maybe less. It all depends."
"The basics then like, holding hands & hugging you?" He asked.
"At first." I said.
"What do you mean at first?! I'm not gonna kiss you or be your little slave like that idiot was! No way no how. I'm not gonna be treated like a dog and manipulated by the likes of you" he said.
I really like this one, he's so delightful. At least I know he won't take this whole thing seriously.
"As our relationship progresses I'll add 1,000 more. So when it's time to kiss me I'll give you 1,000 more. That's 3,000 a week." I said.
"A kiss to you is worth 3,000 bucks?" He asked.
"4,000 then?" I asked.
"5,000" he said. "Or no deal"
"You know, I would've thought you'd ask for more. Hmm, I'm feeling generous. I'll give you 4,500" I said.
"For a rich girl you sure are stingy" he said.
Stingy?! That's a poor person thing!
"6,000 then" I said. "That's my final offer."
"Deal. 6,000" he held his hand out.
Ew, what's he doing. I looked at him.
"It's called a hand shake." He said. "When you make deals it's what you do to seal it. Duh"
I grabbed a tissue to not touch his skin, I have no idea where his hands have been. We shook on it.
"Miss Marie, we have arrived. Will your guest be staying?" Sebastian asked over the intercom.
I pressed the button. "No, take him home. I'll be staying though."
"As you wish" he replied and drove inside the gate.
I looked at Suga. "I won't be at school tomorrow, I have a meeting with my mother and some fashion designer. But I'll send Sebastian to pick you up, we've got work to do. When the week is over I'll give you your first pay of 2,000, nice doing business with you Suga" I smiled.
Sebastian opened my door and I helped me out. I walked inside the mansion and felt satisfied with the fact that I got Suga to meet terms with me. This is gonna be good, Dylan will definitely stay away from me now that he'll be around me. After all no big deal, I'm an excellent actress.
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